Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Door into the Unknown

By Mayra Barajas, California


It was the summer everyone in my family had waited anxiously for the whole year – except for me. The idea of a camping trip in the middle of the woods was just crazy. I will never understand how people can like the outdoors. Inside, the environment, commodities, and knowing that you are safe where nothing can harm you is much better. I was forced to go on this ”Fun” camping trip in the Belvoir Forest of Ireland or else my parents threatened to ground me for who knows how many months.

As soon as we got there we settled into an old dusty cabin that didn’t seem very safe. It was dark and the air had a gloomy feel. Because it was so late, my mom convinced my dad to stay inside until the next morning, when we could explore the forest in the bright light of day.

The whole night I tossed and turned in the small tight bed until giving up and deciding to get some fresh air outside. I felt the cold breeze on my face and I stared into the tall green forest trees, wondering about the living things out there. As I thought about being outside on my own in the middle of the night, chills ran down my spine so I ran back inside, straight to my uncomfortable bed in the cabin.

The next day we went out to the forest where many beautiful trees had stood for many, many, years. However, there was one unusual, peculiar tree that caught my attention. It was shaped into a four leaf clover and I just had to take a closer look. I told my parents that I would meet them back in the cabin for lunch.

After sitting in the silence of the forest for a while, I got up, took a step closer, leaned my back against the tree, and fell into what seemed like an endless hole. After landing with a “Humph” on the floor, I looked up to see a village of tiny little bearded men walking around in green hats and coats and funny black shoes. I tried getting up but something magical made it impossible. They had something that wasn’t quite human in their grinning smiles and their laughs sounded mischievous and devious. My mind saw a blur of bright colors and small enchanted creatures flying everywhere, seeming like a dream.

The next thing I knew, I awoke next to the tree in the forest, wondering why it was already dark and how I had gotten out of the tree. I had a sudden panic as I remembered that I was supposed to be at the cabin for lunch. It felt like I had only been inside the tree for five minutes, but instead I had missed lunch and probably even dinner by now.

I hurried back to the cabin because I knew I would be in big trouble. Mom and Dad were really worried and upset that I got there so late. I was confused about the whole thing, but one thing I knew for sure was that the creatures out there weren’t a dream; I know what I saw was real. I decided to keep my adventure a secret until I could explore more.

The next morning I got up very early while my parents were still asleep and I went back to the tree to find an explanation of what had happened to me yesterday. When I got there, the tree was no longer there. I tried looking for it everywhere but it was like it never existed and it had just magically disappeared. I hurried back to the cabin where I found everyone packing up. My mom had had an allergic reaction to the woods causing her throat to swell up. So we had to get back home. I no longer wanted to leave. Whatever I saw inside that tree inspired me to want to explore the outside world more, where anything can happen.