Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Dream of Her Life

By Angela Banda, Age 12, California


She was brushing her hazelnut hair as it shone as bright as gold under the moonlight sky. She was preparing for bed when her mother yelled, “Sasha time for bed!” She wasn’t a bit sleepy, so she just decided to curl up in her bed.

She snuggled under her cozy blanket as it wrapped her around like a present. Tons of ice attacked her from the harsh cold outside and she couldn’t take growing pressure anymore. The temptation was too great and she falls into a deep sleep. Sleep is like magic. It allows her to forget everything – even her identity. She was feeling the frost growing in the walls rushing to her frozen face. She was shivering all through the night, listening to the trees tapping in the window pleading Sasha to let them in.

Suddenly Sasha entered a mysterious world. She knew exploring was in her veins, but that wasn’t the best idea at the moment. Sasha got up from the dirty dry deadly red floor and something caught her eye. She saw Earth on the other side, it was as small as a drop of water but she saw it. Sasha knew she wasn’t on Earth anymore, so where was she?

After Sasha did the math she didn’t want to realize it, but she was in Mars. She was terrified. Out of nowhere, some Martians spotted her. As they approached her, she knew she was doomed. Their stomach was orange-red with dry meatless bones sticking out of it. She ran, but the alien had magical feet and caught up to her in seconds. They grabbed her like a dog to a giant building she noticed that they didn’t have fingernails; their hands were only a blobs. It was as round as a lollypop.

When she woke up she felt like she has just been hit by a rock, out of a sudden Sasha noticed she was lying down on a metal bed. There were all kinds of destructive things in the nasty room; she could hear rats munching in the moldy bread. Some were also running to the bread to at least get one munch. She could feel one crawling on top her bitten leg. Finally there was only one alien in the room and he left, it was Sasha’s time to escape!

When she was running around finding her way out, some aliens saw her running. They joined the chase. Her heartbeat was as fast as a cheetah while running away. She was faster than the wind. She happily lost them, but in the back of her head she knew the problem wasn’t over. She eagerly entered a room and to her luck, a spaceship was in there. Sasha had no choice but to get in or the aliens would get her. She was about to get in when she noticed the inside of it was extremely small. She took some steps back remembering that she was claustrophobic. She struggled to just getting her foot in. After all she did it was all over she depressingly thought. Sasha heard the heavy footsteps getting closer. She took a deep breath and had the courage to get in the small spaceship.

She blasted off to space. She was scattering through some papers and found out that the spaceship was heading to Earth. Sasha couldn’t take her phobia anymore and she fainted. Technical difficulties popped up. The engine was as hot as the sun and suddenly fireworks appeared in the night skies.

She woke up drenched in sweat after realizing it was just a dream. However, what she didn’t know it was not a dream it was a vision of the future. About 35,000,000 million miles away on Mars, the martians just finished creating their teleporter for the invasion of Earth.