Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Fast Note

By Jaylyn Kellen


Today was an ordinary day until dinnertime. I went to go purchase burgers at a fast food restaurant. When we received our order, my mom and I went directly home to eat with our family. I looked in the bag for my burger. My burger was the last in the bag, so I discovered a note that happened to be in the bottom of the paper sack. The note gave instructions, like a scavenger hunt map. The paper said:

Go to 1015 Main Street, then inform the man that your name is Blackjack. From there he will tell you the story about the fish. After the story he’ll give you directions to go south of Green Street. Once there, find the woman that looks similar to a hobo. She will give you a brown paper bag. In the bag will be more directions. Good luck Blackjack.


After I examined this, I immediately showed my parents. My father took the note, read it, and then threw it away. Following supper, my family went to bed. Once my mom and dad were in their room, I took the note from the trash, called my friend, Joe, and read him the note. I told him that after school we’ll follow the map. He agreed to come along.

The next day once school finished, Joe and I followed the directions. On our way to find the man, we saw my parents. They hadn’t seen us because we ran the other direction before they could catch us. Once we found the man, and he told us the story, we were on our way to find the hobo lady but we ran into Joe’s mom.

“How was your day, and where are ya’ll off to in such a hurry?” Joe’s mom asked.

“School was good and we are on our why to, um, to the uh, park to play baseball,” Joe said.

“Okay, but be home before dinner.” Joe and I nodded in agreement and were off. His mom delayed our hunt, so we were worried if the woman had left.

Finally, we found the nasty-looking lady. We hadn’t missed her after all. She gave us the brown, crumpled paper bag and ran away as speedily as her short legs could go. Joe opened the bag to find the continued directions. The note said:

Bring this back to the fast food restaurant to receive $7.

We then did so. The manger saw the brown bag and gave us the money. The manger told us to go to a store called Snacks, and buy a big lollipop. Once at the store, Joe bought the lollipop that had a note on it. It said to eat it and enjoy. That was the scavenger hunt!

When I arrived at home that day, I told my parents about my day and they were surprised that I did the hunt. I was told to never do anything like that without them ever again, or I would be in huge trouble. They told me never to run off like that again, but they were thankful I was safe.