Amazing Kids! Magazine

The First Day of Spring

By Jannely De La Cruz, age 11, San Pablo, CA


I was in San Francisco on a sunny spring Saturday afternoon. As I walked around the neighborhood with goosebumps all over me, flowers in the neighborhood bloomed, and birds chirped like a symphony of flutes. It felt like I had just got a new puppy. As I walked to the park to play in the playground I smelled a dirty dumpster and dirty diapers because of the babies at the park. My mom was wearing a 49ers shirt, with some blue jeans, and a green hat with a pair of orange Nike shoes.

I found some kids playing tag at the playground and I asked them if I could play with them and they answered “Yes”. One of the kids was named Lizbeth. She was 11 years old, just like me. Lizbeth was wearing a pink shirt with navy blue jeans, and some cool Nike shoes.

Lizbeth and I began to walk around the playground talking about our families and friends. We had so much fun that we just had to meet again. She said that she was transferring to my school when spring break is over.

I asked Lizbeth, “Can you come to my house on Sunday to play and have even more fun?”

She said, “Let me go ask my mom if I can go to your house on Sunday”.

She went to go tell her mom. Her mom sat next to my mom and they talk like if they knew each other already. They laugh and had fun as well.

Lizbeth asked her mom, “Can I go to my friend Jannely’s house on Sunday?”

Her mom said, “Yes, but let me just see if it’s alright with her parents, so I should talk to them.”

Lizbeth said, “You’re already talking to my parents.”

Her mom said, “Ok, then we’ll go to their house on Sunday.”

Lizbeth came back and told me that her mom said “Yes!” I was so happy I almost did a backflip.

Later I left and Lizbeth left the park.

It was the next day, and Lizbeth came to my house at 3:00p.m. I was ready to play with her. Lizbeth was walking with her hand in her jacket, she had a soda and wanted to bring it upstairs to drink, but my mom didn’t know.
I said, “We are not allowed to bring drinks up here, because you might spill it, and I don’t want to get into trouble.”

She snapped back, “Who cares”. When she responded like that all I could think about was that I cared. It’s my house and I know all the rules. I could feel like she was going to drop it.

She opened it and spilled some on the floor. We tried to clean it up, but it was too late. My mom came upstairs and looked at the mess the soda had made on the carpet. Lizbeth blamed everything on me and got me in so much trouble. Lizbeth ran downstairs. She told her mom, “Lets go!” Lizbeth and her mom left.

It was the next day. I went to school. Lizbeth was there and she kept on saying “Sorry” over and over again. I ignored her and I kept talking to my friend Nathalie. Nathalie was wearing a red shirt with some blue jeans, and brown boots. Lizbeth kept on bothering me. I screamed at her “STOP!” Nathalie and other kids stared at me and Lizbeth said “Ok” in an awkward voice.

Then I went to the classroom with Nathalie. I could just hear Lizbeth bothering me, because I never forgave her. Later it was time to go home so I walked with Nathalie. I looked at Lizbeth walking to her house by herself. I just left the problem alone and I kept talking to Nathalie on the way home.

Meanwhile it was time to go back to school. So I was going to wake up at 8:00am. But my mom said, “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! IT IS 10:58am!”

So I got up fast and I got ready for school. I brushed my teeth and ran downstairs to eat cereal. I was wearing a California sweater with blue jeans, and a pair of Jordans. I went to school running up the stairs to my classroom. At recess I was going to forgive Lizbeth, but then she started talking about me with some mean girls.

I said to Lizbeth, “Don’t talk about me or I am going to tell on you.”

She said, “Tell on me. I don’t care what you say.”

I was running to the bathroom because I started crying. Nathalie saw me when I ran to the bathroom, so she went in to check if I was ok. Then LIzbeth started to feel guilty so she went to the bathroom and was apologizing to me.

She said, “I am so sorry I did not mean to do all the things I did. Can you please forgive me? I do not have any friends.”

I got out of the bathroom and said “Ok”. After words, the three of us became best of friends. We walked home together and we talked so much that we ran out of breath. We were like the three musketeers.

Nathalie said, “Whatever happens, we will always be friends.”

We said, “Alright then.”

I said, “We are the bestest friends ever in the world.”

We said goodbye and left.