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The Game Of The Year

By Alex Imobersteg, Age 11, Ohio



“Oh my! Kobe Bryant did it again! That was amazing! Let’s see that replay. For those of you who are just tuning in for the highlights, Kobe Bryant just made a half court buzzer beater to win the game against the Miami Heat. Before the shot, the score was 112-110. Then there were 3 seconds left and Kobe just threw the ball towards the hoop and he swooshed it! That means the Lakers are going to the NBA Finals on an aircraft carrier! Tune in for those seven heart racing games here on The NBA Network. The other team advancing into the finals is….The Dallas Mavericks! These are two of my favorite basketball teams but I am on the Lakers side this year, because of their unbelievable offense and defense,” says the announcer.

“This is the Los Angeles Lakers press box. Have a good night and see you next time. Good night everyone,” says the announcer.


In The Locker Room

“Nice shot Bryant,” says Derek Fisher.

“Thanks,” says Kobe.

“Nice game boys! Now go shower and put your suits on and get ready for the press conference. “

“We’re going to the finals boys!” says Coach Mike Brown.


At the Press Conference for the Regular Game

“Great game Lakers and Heat,” says the NBA commissioner via Skype.

“Thank you,” says both teams.

“Congratulations Lakers. You’re going to the NBA finals!”

Everyone in the room claps including the Heat.

“You are going to be facing the Dallas Mavericks, and guess what? The games are going to be played on the USS Carl Vinson!” says the commissioner.

“Sweet!” say the Lakers.

“The first game will be played in 2 days and you have to arrive on the carrier tomorrow night. It will pick up both teams here in Los Angeles. The Mavericks are on their way right now, they will be arriving at the hotel at about 8:30 pm tonight. Then you will have to pack up everything tomorrow morning. After the conferences, go to your lockers and pack up everything you need. Everyone have a good night and get some rest. I will see you soon Lakers.


At the NBA Finals Press Conference

“Hello everyone this is the press conference for the 2012 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks,” says the commissioner. “All 7 games will be played on the USS Carl Vinson. Both teams need to be at the Navy base tomorrow at 6 pm; be careful because there is going to be some crazy fans. They will have to go through security but they still are going to be psyched up for the game and they might do some crazy things. Now everyone go to your hotels and houses and get some rest. You have a game at 6:30 pm tomorrow and 9:30 pm tomorrow. You have 2 games the next day and maybe 2 games the day after that. You need to be very well rested! Have a goodnight,” says the commissioner.


6:30 pm on Game Day

“The Lakers have won the tip off here on the USS Carl Vinson. The Finals have officially started! There is another game at 9:30 tonight. There might be three games tomorrow at 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 6:30 pm but there might only be 2 games tomorrow. The first team to win 4 games is the champion”


Time passes…

“The score at the end of the first half is 58-41 the Lakers are winning. It’s been a good game so far. Let’s go to a commercial break… welcome back folks. The players are on the court and ready to go! This should be an exciting second half. The Mavericks will get the ball to start the half. Here we go. Dirk Nowitzki inbounds the ball to Jason Terry and they dribble down the court but Derek Fisher steals it and alley-oops it to Kobe Bryant. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kobe throws the hammer down!”


Time passes…

“There are 10 seconds left of the 4th quarter and the score is 109-107. The Lakers have the ball. It looks like this game is over. Pau Gasol inbounds the ball; Derek Fisher passes Kobe the ball. 5,4,3,2, 1! Kobe shoots it. He swooshes it! That was a great shot. The final score of this game is 112-107.  We will be starting the next game in the next few minutes.”


9:30 pm, the Same Day

“Welcome back folks. The player are lined up and ready to go. The Lakers are winning the series 1-0. The Mavericks win the toss they dribble down the court shoot a 3, but they miss it! The Lakers dribble down the court and make the layup.”


Time Passes

“The score at the end of the first half is 32-31 the Mavericks are winning. The second half will start momentarily. We’re all ready to go. The second half has started.”


Time Passes

The final score is Lakers 115, Mavericks 105.


11:15 am, the Next Day

“Good morning folks. This is the 3rd game of the series. There has been a change of plans, because the ship is needed for the war, there will only be 3 games instead of 2. If the Lakers win this game, they are the NBA champions. It looks like they are ready to get this show on the road. The Lakers win the tip off, Kobe dribbles down the court shoot a 3 and swooshes it,” says the announcer.



“The score at the end of the first half is 55-48 the Mavericks are winning. It’s the Mavericks ball at the start of the third quarter. They dribble down the court drive for a layup and make it the score now is 57-48. The Lakers need to step it up if they want to win this game. Fisher brings the ball up passes it to Ron Artest; he shoots the 12 footer and makes it. The Mavericks bring the ball up, but Kobe steals it and dribbles it to the 3 point line jump stops shoots the 3 and swooshes it. The score now is 57-53 it’s a 4 point game,” says the announcer.


10.3 Seconds Left of the 4th Quarter

The score is 98-96 the Mavericks are winning. Fisher brings the ball up passes it to Kobe. 3…2…1 he shoots the 3 and swooshes it! *Buzz*. The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA finals champions with a record of 78-4. That was the game of the year!