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The Gray Seed

By Jenna Weingarten, 16, New Jersey


A long, long time ago, the Land was barren. There weren’t any plants. There weren’t any animals. And there definitely weren’t any colors. Colors, you ask? Yes, colors. But I’ll get to that later.

So the Land was gray, bare, and boring. That is, of course, until the first seed appeared. One minute, there was nothing, but the next, a little, gray seed fell out of the sky from Mother Nature’s hand and wedged itself deep into the Land. No one was around to think anything of it.

So the seed was left alone, unbothered. That is, of course, until the drop of water appeared. One minute there was nothing. But the next, a little stream of water fell out of the sky from Mother Nature’s hand and splashed deep into the Land, enveloping the seed.

No one was around to think anything of it.

So the drop of water was left alone, unbothered. That is, of course, until the ray of sunlight appeared. One minute there was nothing, but the next, a little sunlight shone out of the sky from Mother Nature’s hand and squeezed itself deep into the Land, warming the seed. No one was around to think anything of it. That is, of course, until the seed started to tremble.

The seed rocked back and forth and bounced up and down. It shook the world from deep in its core. The whole Land quaked as the little seed gave one final strain…and then there was life.

Roots reached out in countless directions across the entire globe. Where every root sprouted, a tree was born. As the fruit fell from the trees and touched the Land, flowers blossomed. The petals from the flowers fell to the ground, and the grass sprouted. In the grass, caterpillars crawled and became butterflies. When the butterflies flew high into the trees, they transformed into monkeys swinging on the intertwined branches. The monkeys stretched down, down, down to the Land, and became the humans.

The humans learned how to create shelter and fire, and they developed the necessary skills needed to survive in the constantly evolving Land. Men, women, and children lived in harmony. But everyone knew that something was wrong. Something was missing, and the humans weren’t pleased. This angered Mother Nature, as she had given them the gift of life, but she too knew that something had been forgotten. Only she had the ability to recognize what it was, but Mother Nature did not have the power to give it to the humans. They would have to find it on their own. So the humans were left alone, unbothered and unsuccessful. That is, of course, until the child came along.

The child was quick to learn and eager to please. She enjoyed playing outside in the forests, and she adored the animals that lived there. Nothing could discourage the young girl from roaming among the trees at all hours of the day, and it took her mind off the sadness that perpetually affected the humans. Nevertheless, the girl spent much of her time sad; the gloom around her was contagious.

While wandering along a stream one afternoon, a sparrow landed on her shoulder. It whistled a greeting, and she responded with her usual chirped welcome. To the sparrow’s dismay, however, the girl appeared to be unusually morose, sadder than she usually was in the gray world. She rested on the forest floor and gave a great, heaving sigh.

The young child spoke aloud, “I don’t understand! What is wrong with us? Something is missing…but I just don’t know what it could be.”

The sparrow, understanding the problem, suddenly took flight and sped away into the coming darkness. Left alone, the child fell into a troubled sleep filled with anxious dreams.

Her own sleep mutterings woke her just an hour later, and for the first time, the child was fearful of the forest. It was pitch black and completely deserted. Suddenly, the trees began to rustle. The young girl whipped around, but thankfully it was only the sparrow, returning from its journey. She almost laughed with relief but then caught her breath as the bird began tugging at her shirt. It grabbed her by its beak and pulled her into the trees, further into the forest than the girl had ever been.

They traveled for a long time, or at least it seemed to take forever to the small girl. The sparrow finally stopped in a clearing. It hopped around, poking at the dirt. In one spot, the sparrow froze and then flew back to the girl. It grabbed her shirt again and led her over to a circle of dirt that was, strangely enough, a different shade of color than the rest of the world. In fact, the small patch of dirt was vivid brown, which naturally stood out to a human who had only ever lived in shades of gray.

Following her instincts, the girl began to dig, but it was with some apprehension, as she was frightened of the new color. The child started to tire, and just when she thought she could stand it no more, the girl was rewarded with a discovery. A seed was wedged deep into the Land, coated with frozen water. She pried it out with her fingers and picked up the tiny, gray seed that had started the world.

For some reason still unknown, the child instantly knew what to do with the seed to fix the gloom encircling the Land. How did she know? Perhaps it was the fact that the girl had grown up around forest animals that constantly needed her love and attention. Perhaps it was Mother Nature guiding her, but for whatever reason, the young child picked the seed up, thawed it with her hand, and brought it to her mouth. She took a deep breath…and she kissed it.

The reaction was immediate. The seed began to pulse and glow, turning purple, then blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally red hot. Hurriedly, the girl put the seed back into the Land, covering it with mounds of dirt, and watched as the seed worked its magic. The forest around her erupted into vibrant shades of green, and the girl herself transformed from a dull shade of gray to a happy, rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed human. Finally, the Land was complete. All it ever needed was a little love.

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  1. Rosemary /

    Nice story Jenna. It’s fabulous. Continue writing more.