Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Greatest Team

By Maddie Summers, Age 13, Kansas


Once upon a time, there lived a poor orphan named Charlie. Charlie loved to play sports and be with his many friends. Charlie’s smile lit up the town like a street light! He was dark and handsome, and always polite. Charlie’s best friend was Prince Chase. Chase was a noble prince, always fighting and defending the might kingdom of Tummus! However, something was missing from Prince Chase’s life, someone he could lean on; He needed a best friend.

One day when Chase was walking through the market, he saw Charlie teaching little children games and feeding them. Charlie was tall and strong; he was exactly what Chase needed to help him defend Tummus! Charlie and Chase became the perfect team fighting evil criminals, dangerous bandits and fierce dragons! One day Charlie and Chase came across two criminals who were unlike the others. They were stronger and faster than they had ever seen. The criminals were known as the “Striker Brothers,” stealing and taking property from others!

Charlie and Chase needed to stop them. They traveled near and far to battle with the Strikers. When the battle came, Charlie and Chase moved so swiftly and gracefully to stop the criminals, the Strikers didn’t know what was going on! Everything was going smoothly until Chase got injured. There was no way Charlie could defeat both brothers, two to one! Nevertheless, after moments of thinking, Charlie knew what he had to do. Without thinking, Charlie ran circles around the brothers. He became so fast it looked as if a ball of light was surrounding them! The brothers didn’t know what to do. Charlie ran so fast that the brothers hadn’t even noticed he had tied the two together, making it impossible for them to move!

After trapping the brothers, Charlie ran to Chase! He knew Chase was hurting, so Charlie focused and focused, he gave all of his energy to Chase and finally saving him! He was a hero forever in the Kingdom of Tummus!