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The Greedy Lion

By Catherine Amos, Contributing Writer


Once in the deepest darkest part of the Oregon forest there was a greedy lion named Conner. Conner was an orange lion with a red mane and fur on the tip of his tail. Conner always wanted something. Sometimes that something could be as simple as a sip of water, which he could get on his own, but he never did. This made the rest of the animals angry. They were getting tired of serving the greedy lion. The lion told the animals he would eat them if they did not do what he said, so the animals did not want to protest. So on and on through the months, the animals served Conner. The more they served him the angrier they got. One day they decided to find someone to drive away the greedy lion.

A forest meeting was scheduled to make a plan. The meeting spot was a clearing with a circle of tree stumps and a giant mushroom as a table. At the meeting, there was a jack rabbit, a brown fox, a white tailed deer, a squirrel, a turtle, and a opossum. The fox spoke, “I think I am good enough to defeat the greedy lion!” Then the turtle spoke, “I will do it!” Then the deer spoke, “I think we need to find Ethan.” So later, they traveled deeper into the forest to find a cave. When they found one, they went in it to see if Ethan the bear was home. Ethan slowly walked toward them. Ethan smelled of raw fish, and stomped like an elephant as he walked, he looked like a large brown fox. Next to Ethan was a small feline. He looked a lot like a cat but he was a shaggy brown Tasmanian devil. “What do you want?” said Ethan the bear. “We would like you to drive away Conner the greedy lion,” said the animals. “I will do it,” said Ethan the bear. The animals jumped for joy!

When Conner saw the big bear, he almost jumped out of his fur! Conner was a lion but he was not brave at all. “Get out!” yelled Ethan. Then Conner quickly scurried off into the trees. “We’re free!” The animals shouted. The animals were very happy that they were free. They were so happy they made Ethan there new king. King Ethan hosted a forest party in reward for driving away Conner the greedy lion and they lived happily ever after.

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  1. Sherry Cheatham /

    Wonderful! I love the use of figuarative language. Catherine is a very talented writer and I am proud to be her teacher. Keep it up!