Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Haunted House

By Symthasree Sarojini Koganti, Age 7, Virginia


It was a perfect Sunday morning. My friends and I were biking down Haunted Street. Along the way we passed a haunted house. All the children in the neighborhood were always saying it was haunted.

During the past few days I wanted to explore this haunted house. The ice-cream parlor was nearby. So I said, “Do you want some ice-cream?”

My friends said, “Yes!” So when they went to the ice-cream parlor, I went to the haunted house.

I slowly opened the door. “Creeeak!”

There was silence. One minute past … then two minutes past. I took a few steps forward, then suddenly, I froze. A chill went up my spine. I took a step backwards. A bunch of bats came flying out. I had to kneel on the floor to dodge them.

I saw two ghosts staring at me and a shadow. A weird howl echoed throughout the house.

I wanted to escape, but when I ran toward the door my nose got stuck in a cobweb. I brushed it off my face. I ran toward the door and tried to open it but it was locked! So I found some stairs. I ran down the stairs like crazy. I guess I was in the cellar. I ran up again.

When I got up the stairs the ghosts were coming toward me. The weird howl echoed once again.

I stumbled into a door. Bang! Boom! Crash! All the stuff in the attic fell on my head! I stood up and kicked the stuff out of my way, mumbling about the house.

Unfortunately, right then I banged straight into a door and fell on a dusty bed. The air around me filled with dust. I raced out of the room.

The weird howl echoed five times throughout the house. I ran into the same room I had been in before and my hand accidentally hit a switch.

The lights switched on and I saw them. There weren’t any ghosts; instead, there was a pair of old people. Their faces were pale and their clothes were white. That’s why they looked like ghosts before. What I had thought was a shadow wasn’t one at all; it was a dog, which explained all the weird howls.

Now I know why people think it is a haunted house. The residents of the house don’t have a broom to sweep. They don’t turn on the lights because they don’t have enough money to pay the electricity bill.

Then I asked the old man to unlock the door so I could go, and he did. I stood outside. My friends hadn’t come yet. So I waited.

My friends arrived a few minutes later and we got on our bikes. As we pedaled to our houses, I told my friends about my adventure.

The next day when I woke up there were people in my bedroom. One of my mom’s friends is a news reporter. My friend must have told his mom about my adventure. So, I had to answer a lot of questions in my pajamas! I was in the newspaper and on T.V. too. It was an awesome day.

The news spread throughout town. People helped the old couple in many different ways like paying their bills and giving them food. It was no longer a haunted house. The old people had good friends and neighbors and lived comfortably forever.