Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Hockey Team

By Naythan, age 10, Canada


In the town of Steve, Ontario, there was a kids’ hockey team called The Penguins. The Penguins were the best hockey team around town. They never lost a game all season long, and they were heading into the playoffs. They had won the championship for the last two years, and they were feeling confident that they would win again this year. Or at least they hoped they would.

It was the first game of the playoffs. The team was excited and ready to play hard. They started warming up, but then the goalie got hurt when he tried to stop a puck. He fell down hard and hit his head on the hard ice. Everyone on the team skated over fast to try to help him. The coach came over and said, “Everyone, please go sit on the bench.” The coach slowly helped the goalie get up, and they skated off the ice. Then all the parents came over to help out. The coach took the goalie to the hospital, and one of the parents stepped in as a substitute coach. The parent asked who could step in as goalie, and Owen, one of the defense players, volunteered.

The game was about to start, and the whole team was still upset over losing their goalie. As the game went on, Owen wasn’t able to stop one goal. Everybody else was able to work together and score two goals. Then the other team, the Bruins, kept scoring. In the end, the Bruins won the game.

After the game, the whole team went to go visit the goalie in the hospital. Sean was doing just fine. The team told him they were glad he was okay, and they hoped he would feel better soon.

In a couple of weeks, Sean was back to playing hockey. The team even made it to the championships. And yes, they did win the championship, and Sean had a shut-out in the final game. The kids on the team learned how important it is to support each other.