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The Illuminated Skies

By Shreya Yadav, age 16, New Delhi, India


I quickened my pace as a strong gust of wind galloped past me. The mighty draft whipped my hair around in a frenzy, sending a chill down my spine. The temperature had dropped all of a sudden, giving an icy edge to my surroundings. It was only five in the evening but the dark ghostly clouds had become a veil over the previously bright, sunny sky. I walked as fast as my feet could take me through the busy streets of New Delhi. I was extremely tired after a long day at work, but I trudged along in hope to get home before the rain started.

I silently cried out in frustration as the first drop of rain fell from the sky on to my forehead and trickled all the way down my face. That’s when all hell broke loose. There was a deafening crack that pierced through the sky like a knife, then a bright godly light. After a few seconds came a loud roar of thunder, like a lion marking his territory. There was pandemonium in the streets as people ran helter skelter to find some cover from the rain that pelted down like bullets. My eyes searched frantically for some place to hide from this storm. Suddenly, another bolt of lightning sliced through the sky, this one much worse than the first. It illuminated the dark heavens for a split second as thin tributaries emerged from the main lightning bolt.

After much searching I found a small tea stall. I raced up to the little shack as though my life depended on it. Relief washed over me as I came closer to the stall which was located at a higher height. A little boy and a young woman sat inside, playing a peculiar game with their hands. They looked up in surprise as I approached. The woman asked me in Hindi, “You are looking for shelter?” I replied with a slight nod of my head. The booming roar of thunder echoed through the skies once more and the little boy jumped up with sheer excitement dancing in his beautiful brown eyes. The lady ushered me inside as sheets of rain fell. From this tiny stall I could see the bright lights of the entire Delhi. They looked like stars illuminating the night sky. The lightning fell from the sky, surrounded by a spectrum of colors. At one instant it was a deep burgundy, then dark blue and then black all over again.

The petite woman, Sita and her four-year-old son Rohan watched in amazement as the sky lit up with lightning and then became dark once again. After a while, Sita handed me a glass of tea, the warmth of the glass spreading from my fingers to my whole body. I sipped the delicious brew, various flavors and spices soothing my shivering body. I sat there, along with Sita and Rohan and joined them in admiring the beautiful colors of the sky and its sudden lighting up with lightning before turning dark again.

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  1. Latika /

    Its beautiful shreya. All the best.