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The Island

By: Srujana Dadi, 4th grade, Bellevue, Washington


Chapter 1: Excitement


One summer when I was playing with my toy boat, my dad came home. I was excited like always because he always had good news for me and my family. But when I saw his face today I could not stop laughing. He was putting his hand on his mouth, his cheeks were pink and puffy, and his eyes were twinkling with excitement! After a minute when my dad’s excitement was gone (enough for him to talk) he said,

“I got good news for you.”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “My friend William said he works at a boat company and can take you and me for a ride across the Pacific Ocean and go to Delano Island.”

“Yahoo!” I screamed.

That was the end of the discussion, but there was something that remained: The excitement!


Chapter 2: The Trip

The next morning, when I woke up, I wasn’t in my house anymore. In fact I didn’t know where I was!

“Where am I?” I murmured.

“We had to go early,” a strange voice said. I thought and thought then it suddenly hit me. I was on a boat and that was William! I looked at the time on my brand-new tinker bell watch. I was shocked it was 10:00! For me, 10:00 was early! We were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when a whale came up and with its tail it flipped a rock at the navigation system!

It broke into glass pieces. Soon we saw an island, and guess what we found there? A sign that said DELANO ISLAND! We were all very excited. When we got there my dad and William decided to explore. I stayed back. Hours passed. Days passed and now it was a month they still didn’t come back. I didn’t know how to ride a boat to go back and I knew it was not a good time to learn.

I knew I could not live very long if I didn’t explore, so I looked around. It was a round island with lots of coconut trees and lots of sand. That’s when I got an idea: maybe I could make a sand castle big enough for me to fit in or use coconut leaves for shelter. Ideas were popping in my head like a popcorn machine. But finally I decided to build a sand castle and when I was finished I would write a book and take a few pictures. I started. My book was describing the island: it was a round island with green coconuts, a camel, and sand. No water! Good thing I brought three water bottles. I had a sip, then two, then three, then four and then the whole bottle. Just then I saw something rainbow-ish, gold-ish, silver-ish, and glittering. I touched it. It was a hard, squishy thing. I also heard some sounds coming out of it. I smelled it. It was ocean-ish, sand-ish, and fish-ish. I tasted it. It was bitter-ish, salt-ish. It was kind of star-shaped.

Just then a seal came. I said, “Hi”, knowing it wouldn’t answer.

But to my surprise it did. “Hi, I am Alex seal,” it said. “I live in the Pacific Ocean. I always see seals here but never people. I see boats with people but they never talk to me,” he complained.

I felt kind of relieved. At least I found someone to talk to, I thought.

“I need to find my dad,” I said.

“Fine, let’s go,” said Alex.

We were searching in the forest when all of a sudden we saw a flash from my pocket. The seal saw it. He burst with happiness.

He said, “You got the star! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What’s so great about it?” I asked.

“It’s the star of wishing. All you have to do is wish your dad is here.”

I said, “I wish my dad…”

“You have to hold it,” said Alex.

“Not responding,” said the wishing star.

“Now what?” I asked.

“No more wishing until we find the wishing term,” Alex said.

“Where is that?” I gasped.

“Somewhere in the volcano.”

“ What?” I gasped.

“It sounds hard, but it is actually kind of easy,” said Alex.

But I still thought it was impossible. When we got close to the volcano, it looked to be about 9000 feet high. I got a ladder (made of rope) and climbed up the mountain. Halfway there we ate our lunch (coconut and coconut juice) and when we were at the top of the volcano we tried to find the wish term, but had no luck. After an hour, we still could not find it. We were about to leave when I saw something sparkling in the sun!

“The wishing term!” I yelled. As I grabbed it, Alex and I jumped with joy. We went down and put the wishing term in the wishing star and POOF!! It broke. The wishing star broke, and I cried.

But Alex said, “We can always look for them.”

“Yes,” I said, wiping off my tears.

We looked for them everywhere. They were not there. We were finally going to give up and I was about to cry when I saw something moving. We went closer. It was human beings. But who were they? Excitement rose in me.

“William and Daddy!” I shouted.

It was them. I introduced them to Alex, then we said our goodbyes. We left for home. After a year when we got back home I told my mom and brother about our trip. They listened as I filled them with each and every detail.

After an hour, when I was done, they screamed, “I want to go!” And off they went.



  1. Bhavna /

    Heyyy Srujanaaa,

    U r great at story telling…it was a very interesting one;

    wish to get many more of ur lovely experiences and imaginations when we meet next..

    have fun,

    Bhavna didi

  2. Nice Narration.

    My colleagues wondered by reading this and the comment I got is “Tooo Goood For a 4th Grader”

    “Great Narration and may be a future Author”

    This is great article from you Srujana. Keep it up.

  3. Vandana /

    Dear Srujana,
    Nice description of the Delono Island!
    I want to go there.