Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Jungle Adventures of Eduardo and Me

By Lindsey Tizzard, 10th grade, River Ridge, LA


I had no idea why they were standing there, staring at me from a high tree branch. I looked around and I saw shades of green everywhere. Mixed in with the green were branches, vines, and wildflowers, whose beauty would make anyone’s mouth drop open. I looked back into the trees and saw their eyes, like glowing marbles, following me as I walked under the low-hanging branches where they were positioned. It was dark, and I could make out their shiny eyes as they reflected the light from the moon. Their tiny hands made squeaking noises as they gripped the branches from which they swung. As I thought I had passed all of them, I was stopped in my tracks as a little one dropped to the ground right at my feet. That was when, for the first time, I came in contact with one of the cutest animals I had seen in all my years of adventuring through the jungle, an orangutan.

To be honest, I thought wild animals would be more frightened of humans than this little creature was. As I bent down to get a better look at it, the orangutan immediately latched onto my leg like a child would do to its parent. I was not positive if I should touch the mesmerizing creature, but I went against my better judgment and rubbed the seemingly sweet animal’s head. The little ape would not detach itself from my leg, so it accompanied me the rest of the day while I explored. As the night got later and later, I began to feel tired from the busy day exploring the jungle. I made myself a little bed, and, as I laid down to sleep, the tiny ape climbed into the tree above me and settled in one of the branches.

“Are you going to stay there all night and just stare at me?” I asked it, not expecting a reply in return. It cocked its head to the side as if it were trying to understand what I was saying. After I realized I was talking to an animal who could not reply to me, I shook my head and muttered under my breath that I was surely going crazy. I laid my head down on my makeshift bead, and sleep welcomed me as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The following morning I woke up startled because I felt something getting dropped on my face. As I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw the orangutan in the same position as it was last night, the only difference being that it was eating some type of fruit. After I had watched its mannerisms for a short time, I realized that when it was done eating, it would drop the peel of the fruit on me. Never did I imagine that the animal would still be here.

I began to pack up my gear so I could head out of the jungle while it was still light out. I also figured that if the orangutan was going to stick with me while I found my way out, I might as well give it a name. I took one hard look at it and the name Eduardo popped in my head.

“You look like an Eduardo, so that’s what I am going to call you,” I said to it. After named him, Eduardo looked up at me and smiled a full-toothed smile that I had never seen any animal ever make before.

My bag was packed, and, as I was about to set off, Eduardo latched onto my legs once again, thinking that I was going to leave him behind. “Come on, little guy, I guess you are coming with me,” I told him as we started to walk. Eduardo unlatched himself from me, climbed in the trees, and started to swing from the vines in front of me. Huh, I thought. It’s like he’s leading the way for me. I put my trust in this little creature and followed the directions it was giving me for a good hour.

A little while later, I came to a complete halt when I realized that Eduardo had stopped. Prowling right in front of us was a not-so-nice looking tiger. Eduardo had stopped in the middle of hanging from a branch when he realized that the vicious animal was lying in my path.

This is just great. How am I supposed to get past this thing without it seeing me? I wondered to myself. Eduardo kept swinging his head back and forth between me and the tiger. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Eduardo jump from the branch he was sitting, right in the viewing path of the tiger. The tiger jumped up from its spot and attempted to pounce on Eduardo.

This is my escape! He is trying to distract the tiger! I thought out loud as Eduardo jumped back in the tree. I ran further down out of the tiger’s line of sight and watched as the menacing tiger tried to jump into the tree where Eduardo was sitting, but it was no use since he was not even coming close to touching my brave little friend. As the tiger stalked off, not happy that he could not get the little ape, Eduardo shot me a big smile and swung from the branches over to where I had been watching the whole altercation.

I reached up and gave him a hug and said, “You, my friend, are a life saver.” He hugged me back and continued to show me how to get out of the jungle.

Surprisingly, about two hours later, I saw a clearing and realized that Eduardo had actually helped me get out of the jungle! After I had started to rejoice that I was actually getting out of there, my mood immediately took a sharp U-turn. I realized that I was going to have to leave Eduardo here, because he could not come with me.

“This stinks,” I said to him. “I really wish you could come with me, Eduardo.”

He gave me a sad look with his eyes, showing that he realized what was happening. He immediately jumped on my back, wrapped his arms around my neck, and gave me a hug. I brought him to my front and gave him a big squeeze. I smiled at him and received a 1000-watt smile from the little guy in return. I put him down, and he stood there watching me walk the rest of the way out of the jungle. I turned back around to make sure he had gone off, but he was still standing there. He gave me a wave, which I was not expecting, then took off for the trees.

What an amazing animal, I thought. Never would I forget my experience in the jungle with Eduardo the orangutan.