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The Land I Dream About!

By Odalys Ariza, Age 12, California


It was New Years day and I dreamed about CANDY LAND. Candy land is the warmest land ever. The trees are made of pink, puffy and sparkling cotton candy. The river is made out of juicy lemonade .I hear the lemonade running gently. The mountains are ice cream. The boats are chocolate chip cookies. The people are gummy bears. It’s the greatest candy place ever. Do you think?

It was another beautiful day. Suddenly a girl appeared. A beautiful girl started to shine. The girl was about 17 years old. Her name was Yeli. She was tall but not that skinny. She had long hair. The color of the hair was golden brown. She was wearing a yellow dress with red flowers. Her eyes seemed to say “Where I am?” A gummy person said you are in candy land.

So the gummy person said, “Are you hungry?”

Yeli said, “Yes please.”

So the gummy gave her a gummy so she can eat. So then the gummy said, “Let’s go have an adventure.”

The gummy person and Yeli went to go see candy land. She loved the world. She met the candy people and had lots of fun.

Suddenly she heard big footsteps. His teeth were jellybeans and his eyes were peppermints. The thing he wanted was Yeli. She went running and screaming, but then she said, “I am not afraid.” The monster tripped and was melting in the lemonade. Yeli got an idea to continue tripping the monster. So Yeli put a jellybean behind him and he tripped and fell in the lemonade.

The monster got up and started to chase her. She said, “The monster is as tall as a mountain.” So she decided to get a water gun and fill it up with lemonade. Then she shot him and started to melt.

The gummy person and Yeli started to walk again. Along the way they met a gingerbread man. He was the sweetest guy ever. So the gingerbread man decided to walk with them. They travelled across a chocolate river. They eventually were standing on a jellybean.

While they were walking they found an 18 year old guy. His name was Zack and he was lost in the Ear Heads forest. He said he got lost because he was exploring. So Yeli said “Do you want to come with us?”

Zack said “Ok.”

So they went to the black liquorish forest. They found a candy hot air balloon. Zack and Yeli went towards it and they went and touch it and took them back to the dimension in where they lived. Yeli and Zack had a wonderful life and lived happily ever after.

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  1. Cristal Molina /

    Great story!!