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The Mystery Chest

Story and Illustrations By Dory Antaya, age 7, Middletown, Connecticut


Julie opened the door to the closet and there, sitting on the floor, was a locked chest…Julie walked over to the chest. It was bright pink with green stripes and orange polka-dots on the stripes. She looked around for the key.  She couldn’t find the key but she saw a map sitting on the chest that told her where the key is.

The map said to walk behind the chest into a portal that would bring her to the Fairy Garden. When Julie walked behind the chest, she fell into the portal and suddenly felt like she was flying. She looked down at the map and when she looked back up she was in the Fairy Garden.

The grass was sparkly, neon green and shiny pink roses grew out from the ground. She saw a little fairy that had blue eyes, a blonde braid and was wearing sparkly tie-dyed clothes.

“Hi, welcome. I’m Maddy,” said the fairy.

“Hi, I’m Julie. I’m looking for a key. Do you know where it is?”

“It is in the Giant’s Palace, but first you have to get through the maze. If you get trapped, you will get stuck forever.”

Julie and Maddy entered the maze. The first thing they saw was a medium-sized, white sign with a clue on it. The sign said, “Left is not right, right is not left, the middle is not left or right. Follow the Diddle road.”

“What is a Diddle?” asked Julie.

“A Diddle is a fat, orange cat with two thousand eyes, tiger stripes, one leg and two owl wings. Look! There’s a Diddle on the middle door.”

Julie and Maddy went through the middle door and saw pictures of Diddles on the ground. They followed the Diddles through the maze and came out the other side. Julie looked at the map and saw that they had to go three paces north and two paces east.

They had arrived at the Giant’s Palace.

Maddy said, “We have to sneak in because the Giant doesn’t like fairies.”

Maddy turned them into big, shimmering giants. They walked into the Palace and asked the Giant if he had a key.

“I do have a key,” said the Giant.

“Can we borrow the key?” said Maddy.

“Sure,” said the Giant.

Julie and Maddy left the Palace with the key. They walked around the maze and said goodbye at the portal. Julie went through the portal and went back to her room.

She opened the chest with the key and found costumes in the chest. Julie was excited and said, “I’ll invite my friends over for a costume party!” Julie picked up the two costumes on top and smiled. One was a fairy costume and the other was a Giant costume.

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  1. RoseMary Brzustoski /

    Loved the story. Very imaginative. Great job.