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The Mystery of the Spooky Island

By Varsha Rao, Age 13, UAE


Whoosh, Whiz!

‘It just missed his tail,’ Cleo thought, dodging another powerful spell. The time had come to find the princess.

“Anne, a storm!” the Explorer TV reporter yelled, as he started to lose sight of the boat.

“What?” Anne yelled back, as the splashing water droned her voice out.

Before he could answer, a huge gale hurled the helicopter miles away. Anne, still looking for the helicopter, soon stopped. The treacherous currents and ferocious storms weren’t making her journey easier.

Flash! Crack!

‘Oops, time to abandon ship,’ Anne thought as she grabbed her rucksack and lowered the life boats. As she paddled, a surprise awaited her — shark food! Using the oars, she started to hit the sharks. Suddenly, an enormous wave blackened things out for Anne.

Anne woke up, realizing she was on the most beautiful island she has ever seen. Picking up her rucksack, which was few steps away from her, she walked into what seemed like the heart of the island. After walking, what seemed like miles, she reach “Waterfall Wonder,” it looked exactly like in the picture. This could only mean one thing, she was on Spooky Island! Anne feeling very untidy, jumped into the water. Later, came out looking very fresh. Seconds later, she heard rustling, somewhere close by. She stood up, scouted the area, returning with a very heavy, prickly branch. She turned where she had heard the rustling, miraculously a house appeared. Anne knocked the door clutching the branch.

“Enter princess” replied a bizarre voice. Entering, she took one look at the leopard, and started waving her branch at him.

“Watch it, princess” leopard cried, as the branch nearly struck him.” Well, princess, I am impressed, you have indeed inherited your parents courage.”

“My parents? And you can talk?” Anne asked dumbfound, watching the leopard washes his paws.

“Of course, I can” he replied scornfully. Though, only the people of Arcus can understand us, he replied calmly.

“Arcus?” Anne replied, as she eyed him dangerously.

“Do you want to hear my story?” He asked.

“Yes,” Anne said. “Well, it all started it a long time ago…

Years ago, this very island your on, was ruled by the kingdom of Arcus. It was truly a magical place, and this island blossomed more than, it is now. King Philip and Queen Aurora were the kindest ruler, you will ever come across! The kingdom prospered, but the couple longed a child. So, that’s when I, Cleo became the royal pet. Exactly a year after, the Queen gave birth to a girl. Great festivities were held in honor of the little Princess Anne birth. The princess was very courageous, stunning and was a little of war type. King Philip and Queen Aurora would always find time and play with their little girl, so would I. Her favorite toy was the royal sword. The couple were very happy, alas their happiness did not last long. One clear day, and enormous ship harbored, emerged from the ship was a thin, tall man with a stubble and a wand in his hand. Swish! He unloaded a vast and huge army, the city would have been in chaos. If, it hadn’t been for the Magician, as they called, certainly didn’t want Arcus in chaos. He wanted the following; the treasure, the royal sword, and the princess. So, to make his task easier, he froze Arcus, however, the royal family and I weren’t frozen. Due to the power of the sword, we weren’t frozen soon they came to knew what the wicked Magician wanted. The king and queen had to make the hardest decision of their life. Removing the necklace from her neck, Queen Aurora tied the necklace to her child’s neck. Giving her child a hug, the queen and king put the royal sword in my mouth and gave me the child, take her away from Arcus the couple yelled. The moment they uttered the following words all of Arcus went under this island and the king and queen were frozen too. I ran to shore of the island, dropped the child in a basket, with the parents’ photo in it and set it abreast. Then later, I ran hid the royal sword in the Crystal Cave, which where it still lays protected. The Magician know I am not frozen, he is already on search on my whereabouts. This is the story my princess, and fate has said “The time has come to for you to destroy him once and for all”

“Am I the Princess of Arcus?” Anne asked.

“Of course, you know, the pendent on your neck, belonged to Queen Aurora.” Cleo said.

“Is that the reason, why don’t look like my parents and can you show me how my real parents looked?” Anne asked.

“Yes, my princess that’s why, I will certainly show you the picture, even I know you are just twelve.” Cleo replied. After, showing Anne the picture.

Cleo said “We need to see how you can fight!”

“Sure” Anne replied enthusiastically. After days practice, Cleo decided Princess you are ready from now on, you will lead and destroy the wicked magician. Thou, before that we need to get the royal sword.

“Come on, then let’s go” Anne replied pumping her fist in the air.

“Wait, Princess, the problem, I was afraid of the magician finding it, so I installed such protection, that can’t be turned of. I am afraid you have to pass through to touch the sword.” Cleo replied wistfully.

“It’s okay, I am ready to do it.” Anne said.

“Well, just in case, the magician finds me, I have to give you these: a map, the crown, and the water jelly.”

“How will these help?” Anne asked surprised.

“Time will tell, go straight ahead and you will find the Crystal Cave! You must go now!” Cleo replied agitated. Anne ran straight on, until she reach Crystal Cave, then she stopped for a rest, couldn’t believe that she was a princess, no wonder that she was attracted to this island. As she entered Crystal Cave, she was feeling scared, well it was creepy I her defense. Dogging larva balls, hot water shooting holes, tornadoes, was scary. All her hard work paid, she finally reaches the royal sword, she stepped closer, as soon as she grabbed it, and she felt all her young memories came alive. Grasping the sword tightly, she is teleported to wicked magician arena. When the princess, touched the sword, the island shook and the kingdom of Arcus came above on the island once again, though it was frozen. Cleo, rejoiced greatly, but there was problem the Magician knew once the Princess touched the royal sword Arcus would come back on the island. Magician exploded, “FIND THE PRINCESS BRING HER IN CHAINS” he yelled to his army.

“Yes, master, as you command.” They replied. The army succeeds finding her, but seriously hundred to one, so not fair! Soon, she is brought in front of the Magician

“So you are the little Princess of Arcus,” he eyes her, while stroking his beard.

“Yes, I am, and if you are man fight me!” she bellows, her voice echoes down the hallway.

“Ha-ha, fight you, you can’t even destroy Kansu!” The Magician roared, and his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I will!” She replies, the onlookers look very surprised, so does Magician.

“Fine, your misery” he replies, go and get Kansu, he says to a minister.

“When Kansu arrives, I have to fight this little girl, she is no match for me!” he said to the Magician.

“She says she is, didn’t you young princess” The Magician humored her.

Again Anne replied angrily “I will fight both of you, uncivilized men!” The guards release the chains, and Kansu rushes towards her, with one blow from the royal sword, down he goes. The Magician enraged, rushes towards her with a sword, she doges jumping here and there leading towards frozen Arcus. Once they reach there, they have a ferocious fight, and both of them are injured Cleo is captured and he looks helplessly at her. Anne gathering her courage picks up the royal sword that laid few steps away from her. Before the Magician had a chance to make his move she keeps the sword through the ice. A huge wind, and all of Arcus, comes alive. While doing so, she lets down her guard and the Magician sword, is at her neck. Suddenly, another sword flies at the Magician, King Philip (her father) to her rescue. The couple had recognized their daughter, through her looks, crown, and deft ability in using the sword. King Philip stabs the Magician, and all what he invented disappears in thin air. Cleo is freed by the people and he gallops towards the royal family. Anne runs towards her parents hugging them, as she will never let go. Philip and Aurora are very happy to see their daughter again, and they all head back to the castle, living happily ever after!

The End