Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Perfect Christmas

By Prachi Agrawal, age 11, Dublin, Ireland


Something was different. I felt so cheery and light, as if I was soaring high above the clouds the breeze whipping my hair and…

Anyway, it was the last day of school but it was unbelievably slow. Art, worksheets, cleaning sponges and a huge fiasco had erupted in the classroom. I was handing out my handmade Christmas cards when I met Helena.

She sneered at my cards as she jeered “Your cards are NOTHING compared to mine” and looked at them like they were dirt. I looked at mine, then hers. She had a huge glittering snowflake with a beautiful ‘Merry Christmas’ emblazoned in gold in the middle and majestic reindeers prancing in the background.

“My Daddy got them for €50” she added with cunning pride.

“I made mine myself!” I said trying to smile.

“Well it looks like a flimsy piece of paper to me” she retorted, shrieking with laughter. “Anyways my parents are inviting your family for Christmas Eve dinner,” and she thrust a scarlet envelope in my hand and walked away.

Feeling dispirited, I put it in my bag and continued giving the Christmas cards. The next day, we drove to Helena’s Christmas Eve dinner. Feeling glum I entered the house. I let out a gasp. Silver and gold banners draped the walls, red glitter had been sprinkled over the fireplace and a gigantic fir tree was rooted in the middle of the hall. It was the tallest I had ever seen. Tinsel, baubles, figures, fairy lights were shimmering and twinkling so enticingly it almost blinded me.

A magnificent golden star topped the tree off. Helena strutted towards me and said, “I expect you’re in awe. Well just so you know we got it for €500. And we got the county’s best designer to design our tree.” “Oh and dinner is ready!”

She spent the dinner bragging about the turkey which had been cooked by the county’s best chef and the expensive gifts she was getting for Christmas.

Feeling terrible, I went home thinking of how perfect her Christmas would be. But the thought of Christmas being tomorrow cheered me up.

The next morning, I woke up with great gusto. I ran down the stairs to see the small Christmas tree me and my brother decorated ourselves. My cousins and uncle and aunt had already arrived!

After the hugging and kissing, we spent the day laughing and exchanging presents. Dinner time was brilliant. Everybody said my handmade cranberry sauce was amazing, while I blushed shyly.

Finally, after dinner time we sang carols with Uncle Sean at the piano. The little children sang in a completely different tune and everybody tried to keep a straight face, but then we all burst out laughing.

When it was time for bed, I thought for a moment. Maybe this was the perfect Christmas. Maybe it wasn’t about the prettiest cards, tallest trees and most expensive gifts. It was about the loudest laughs, the biggest smiles and the time we spend with our family. Maybe something was different. I had just discovered the meaning of Christmas.