Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Quest for the Cure

By Dani Carabantes, age 11, California


It was a calm sunrise on a Sunday in the middle of summer. A young girl named Taylor had awoken to the sound of birds chirping on a tree beside her window. She had gorgeous blonde locks that shined under the sun. Her room was as blue as the ocean, and she had many stuffed animals inside of it. Taylor was a very cheerful girl, and nothing really made her gloomy unless it was extremely bad that she couldn’t hold sadness any longer. After she got out of bed, she heard her mom tell her to go to the dining room, so she could eat breakfast.

“I will be right down, Mom,” yelled Taylor.

When she was going down the stairs, she could smell the aroma coming from the blueberry waffles her mom had prepared for her. Taylor preferred honey instead of syrup on her waffles. She absolutely loved waffles. After she finished up her breakfast, Taylor’s mom said that she should take a quick nap before they went to the waterpark since she was ready. Taylor went in her room and closed her dark blue curtains. Her room was so dark, which made it seem as if it were night. This made it easier for Taylor to take a nap.

“Wow,” Taylor yelled.

Taylor had woken up to a surprise. She didn’t know if she was dreaming or not. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was lying on millions of colorful flowers. She smelled them, and they smelled as if you had just walked in to a room full of perfume. Millions of trees towered above her—so many that if there were one more tree, Taylor could have suffocated. She stood up and explored a little. Suddenly she heard a noise coming from one of the trees. It sounded as if someone had just stepped in a small pile of leaves. She walked over to a tall, green tree, and when she looked up, she saw a pink monkey. She was so confused as to what was happening. The monkey was dancing while holding an infinite number of bananas. It climbed down the tree in a strange-looking matter, throwing bananas left and right, but Taylor didn’t mind. The monkey looked at Taylor in a confused matter. Its eyes seemed to be saying, “Who, and what, are you?”

“Hi,” yelled the monkey.

Taylor jumped and gasped.

“You can talk!?” said Taylor with her eyes wide open.

“Yeah, I’m a talking monkey.”

“Wow, that’s awesome.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Are you okay?”

“Not really. Come, I’ll tell you why. By the way, my name is Rosita.”

“Okay, let’s go, Rosita.”

Taylor didn’t know if she should trust Rosita, but she tried not to think so much about it. When they started walking through the flowers and roses, they conversed about why Rosita was upset. She said something about a fairy that was sick. She described the fairy as having a blue, puffy dress with diamonds on the end. She also said she had long, brown, wavy hair. Rosita said that the fairy was so sick that there was really no cure for her sickness. Rosita explained that instead of having a regular fever, she had an unexplainable fever that nobody knew the cure to. Rosita said that a cure that helped everything in their land was the sick person’s favorite things, but she thought that it wouldn’t work because of how awful the fever was.

“What are her favorite objects or people?” Taylor asked to get an idea of what she should try to find.

“Well, I’m positive she loves glitter,” Rosita says while thinking about another thing. “Oh, yeah, she also loves the color blue. Her wardrobe is basically blue, and she has only one piece of clothing that is a different color. Oh, and she also loves puppies.”

All of a sudden, an idea popped into Taylor’s head. She said that if they combined all of her favorite things, the result could be a glittery, blue puppy. Rosita agreed. Taylor was actually thinking of getting a regular puppy with blue, sparkly clothing, but then she thought that since this was a magical land with fairies and talking pink monkeys who danced on top of trees, there was a chance that blue, glittery puppies existed. She asked Rosita if there was any magic they could use to make a puppy like that.

“There already exists those sort of puppies; it’s just that we have to find them,” said Rosita.

“Okay, but where do we look for them?” Taylor asked.

“Well, when I went deep into the forest, I found a purple puppy with sparkles.”

“Really? Let’s go then!”

Rosita led them to a dark spot of the forest. It smelled like dirt, and there was mud everywhere. However, they spotted a blue spark, and then green, and then purple.

“Who’s there?” Taylor asked while searching.

They heard a bark.

“Hello,” Taylor repeated.

They heard another bark.

Suddenly, a pink, sparkly puppy headed towards them. The puppy had short hair, but that didn’t stop him from being as fluffy as a cotton ball. A sparkly, pink puppy! Who would have thought those existed? Its fur was as pink as a giant, yummy cotton candy, and its sparkles were as silver as the forks and spoons Taylor used back home. They admired the puppy and his beauty for a few minutes, but then, when they least expected it, a whole rainbow of puppies came out of some bushes. They searched for a blue puppy, but there were no blue, sparkly puppies to be found. Then they all heard crackling noises coming from the bushes. Then, all of a sudden, millions of blue, sparkly puppies came out of the bushes and ran around everywhere. Then they spotted their mother.

“Hello, may we take one of your puppies?” asked Taylor. “It’s for the fairy who is very sick.”

The mother barked and nodded.

Taylor and Rosita said thank you, then grabbed a puppy and headed to the castle. They knocked on the giant wooden doors. The guards opened them and asked them why they wanted to enter the castle. They simply showed them the puppy, and they immediately let them in.

“Go to the fifth floor, then to the room on the right. That’s where you will find the fairy,” said one of the guards.

Taylor and Rosita climbed many stairs but eventually got to the fifth floor. They entered the room and saw the poor fairy lying in her bed as sick as a kid in winter. She looked up and gasped, and she looked like she was full of joy.

“Is that for me?” the fairy asked.

“Yes, it is for you,” said Rosita.

“Oh, my gosh, thank you so much.”

“No problem.”

They walked the puppy towards her. And Taylor could not believe what she saw when she put the puppy in the fairy’s arms. Her voice was back to normal. Her box of tissues disappeared, and her medicine did, too. She thanked them once more, but then when the puppy jumped on Taylor’s lap, she had woken up in her bedroom. She was so sad that she left, but she was also happy to be home again. She told her parents and many other people about her dream. And one thing she knew was that she was never going to forget that dream.