Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Quest to Save Rainbow Planet

By Phoebe Gore, age 10, Texas


In another universe, far, far away from the solar system you live in, there’s a bunch of different types of planets. There’s Food Planet, Chocolate Planet, Cake Planet, Rainbow Planet, Sand Planet, Ice Planet… and there’s one planet called Happy Planet.  But for me, it’s easier to say Happy World.

There are three presidents on Happy World: The first one, President Narwhal, has a top hat, a monocle and a big fluffy mustache. The second one is President Unicorn – his real name is Dave. Dave has pink hair which, strangely, moves about in space like squid tentacles and is in need of conditioner. The third president is me – President Phoebe; also captain of the entire army.

One day, I was lounging in my office taking a nap in front of my big talking computer which I programmed to sound like Benedict Cumberbatch.

“President Phoebe! Wake Up! Wake up! It’s an emergency!”

I looked at the computer and read that Rainbow Planet had been attacked by the people of Mean Planet! I ran out of my office and began running for the podium in the town square. There are two podiums in town square; the first one for good announcements and the second one for bad announcements. That way, the people will know what kind of news they’ll be hearing.

I told the people that Mean Planet had attacked Rainbow Planet and ransacked it for supplies.  Rainbow Planet provides rainbow substance which is mixed with other chemicals to make furniture and all sorts of other things for other planets. Mean Planet refused to pay for the rainbow substance, so they stole it all to build a secret super weapon.

I gathered my army of tiny adorable hedgehogs with rainbow jet packs and walking top hats with mustaches. Beside the live mustaches with top hats, there were unicorns, and fairy mustaches. Together, we went out on the Rainbow Road which leads to most of the other planets.

After about ten minutes, we finally got there. We surrounded the planet, pulled out our rainbowblasters (except for the unicorns who blasted with their horns) and began to shoot all the rainbowpower we had.

Soon, we began to get tired and achy. The hedgehogs fell asleep because they were so tiny and had less energy to blast. Exhausted, we got out our lunch boxes and ate lunch, keeping in mind the hard work we still had to do afterwards. When we finished, we went back to blasting and this time, we finally began to see rainbows appearing on Rainbow Planet again.

Three o’clock tea time arrived and we all had our super power tea made out of unicorn magic while continuing to blast. Again, we got tired and our bones ached. We felt like we wanted to float in space forever and not do anything, but we still needed to blast long enough for that last rainbow to appear on Rainbow Planet.

Some of the army were too tired to keep blasting and some of their super blasters were running out of juice. We weren’t sure if we could finish the job. All of a sudden… something amazing happened! Out of the blue appeared a whole army of President Narwhal’s narwhal friends (complete with mustaches and top hats). They came just in time to blast their super narwhal rainbowpower onto the planet.

The last rainbow appeared and Rainbow Planet was saved! The Mean Planet people got so blasted with rainbows that they became little tiny rainbow men and stayed to live on their new home.

The whole army came home to a huge celebration which included their favorite game of Cake Water Balloon Fight (minus the water… and the balloons. It was really just a cake fight).