Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Rain Wish

By Aashna Garg, age 6, India


Once upon a time, there were a brother and sister named Rohan and Annie. They used to stay in Atacama Desert in Chile. It was really hot there, and it never rained. Atacama has the Amazon Forest in the north and the Patagonia region in the south. Rohan and Annie visited both these places, and they thought they were beautiful. Both had lots of greenery. They wanted Atacama to also become pretty and green like the Amazon, where it rained all the time. So, they thought they will make Atacama pretty by making it rain. They decided to dig a pit and fill it with water so that it can evaporate and become clouds. Next morning, they woke up, and all the water had evaporated. They kept praying and waiting, but it did not rain. Their mother asked them, “Why are you praying?” They said they wanted it to rain. She then explained to them that the air in Atacama is so hot that the vapors don’t become water droplets. The kids became very sad. Then their mother explained to them that Amazon and Patagonia are pretty, but so is Atacama. It’s different from others, but it does not mean it’s not special.

Moral: You should find happiness with what you have. Everything is special in its own way.