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The Rainstorm That Ruined Cindy’s Hike

By Melany Chevez Gutierrez, age 11, California


It was a sunny day in Brooksville, where a 19-year-old girl named Cindy was packing for her trip to go hiking with her dog, Ruffles. Ruffles was a Golden Retriever with smooth, silky fur as gold as honey. Cindy had black, straight hair; freckles all over her face; and also ocean blue eyes. She had been planning to go hiking for the second time in her life. The first time went well, she walked through the forests with her friends Julia and Rachel.

Anyways, she was packing plenty of water, juice, a cap, sunglasses for the sun, and sunscreen. She grabbed a black leash and called out to Ruffles. They were ready to start their trip. Cindy drove about an hour to go to her destination, which was luckily pretty empty. She parked her silver truck and grabbed her backpack, and off she went with Ruffles.

“Oh, how lovely the sun looks today!” Cindy said.

The sun was bright and was beaming through the forest’s trees. The trees were nice and tall and also very green. She walked for about five minutes and was enjoying the warm breeze.

“Ah, how relaxed I feel. Don’t you think?” she asked Ruffles.

Ruffles replied with a bark.

Cindy was searching for the perfect spot to get a better view of the beautiful place she was at. She wanted to get a beautiful picture. So, she hiked some more until she got a good view; then she took a picture with her iPhone. The view was very far down from where she was walking; it had a gorgeous blue river near some trees. She got a picture of that and kept hiking.

“Yay, now I have a memory of my second hiking trip!” she said.

What she didn’t realize while she was taking a picture of her view was that there was a pathway you could go down to see the river and Ruffles had gone down there for a swim. She ran down the pathway to Ruffles.

“Ruffles! Ruffles!!” she yelled. “Get over here; you’re not supposed to be in there!” She panted.

Ruffles swam even farther. She didn’t know how to swim, so she didn’t know what to do—until an idea came to her head. The idea was to leave Ruffles there and keep hiking till he knew that she was gone. She hiked for a few minutes when she felt a cold breeze and a water droplet.

“Huh? That’s strange.” She looked up.

It started to sprinkle. She ran down to Ruffles, and he finally decided to come back. It was now raining and windy. Cindy was worried because it was sunny a few minutes ago, and now it was raining. She knew she was in trouble because she was far from her car and she had no signal on her phone.

“Oh, no, we’re in trouble!”

All of a sudden, there was a storm. Cindy put her phone in her pack and ran down to where she came from. It was a long way. Ruffles started to lead the way instead. Cindy followed Ruffles until they got to the car.

“What a crazy trip!” she said while getting in her truck.

Ruffles and Cindy were freezing, so she put the car heater on and drove away. She drove for a few miles, and then she got home. She got home and changed into dry clothes. She dried Ruffles up with a blue towel.

“Hmmm, maybe next time I should check the weather,” she thought to herself.

From that day on, whenever she went hiking, she would check the weather before she left.

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