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The Runaway Worms

By Maryam Afzaal, age 10, Illinois


One fine autumn day in Mexico, the worms wanted a house other than dirt. They all protested against the mayor. He finally decided that since there was a pumpkin patch above them, each family gets one pumpkin to live in. The Diez family moved into a big pumpkin mansion. Jose, Ovalia, and their children (Harley, age 12, and Marco, age 5) were one big worm family.

Right when they stepped in, it smelled like pumpkin pie. The kids both exclaimed that everything was orange. Excited, they ran around the whole entire house. What was in their house? There were bedrooms with beds, dressers, desks, and bathrooms.

“Well, kids, we are in our new home, so settle in,” said Dad.

Right after Marco and Harley saw every room in the house had a different shade of orange, they picked which room they wanted. Finally, they all got settled in. The floors and carpets were made out of soft, white and beige seeds. The walls were mushy and were light orange. Oh! What a delight!

Right then they started moving. It felt like an earthquake to the worms. Water leaked into the house. The humans were washing the pumpkin. Suddenly, a sharp thing came into the pumpkin house. The worms didn’t know what it was. It was a heavy, steel, sharp knife. It went like a chainsaw.

“Evacuate!” said Mom.

The humans shrieked once they saw the worms. What the humans did not know was that all the pumpkins had worms.

The worms were surprised! All the worms from all the pumpkins dashed out back into the dirt. Until they all found another fruit, the worms lived in the soil.

Soon the Diez family was safe again.  Harley was dirt painting on her easel in her room, Jose was playing with his critter cars, and the parents were cooking and reading. All the worms had found new homes in watermelons!


  1. Naazish /

    So happy to see this! Keep writing!

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    AWESOME MARYAM!!!!!!!!!!!!