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The Secret Room

By Alakshendra Singh, age 13, Delhi, India


Chapter 1: School

It was Monday morning, and like any child, I was having Monday morning blues.

Around 7:25, I was in front of my school, the brown disciplined building. I stepped inside and went to my class.

In the first period entered the fiery-headed Mrs. Rose. She was not one of the people who suited their name; she was hardly delicate or beautiful and shouted at us constantly, almost as if she did it for pleasure.

There was nothing very interesting in our school, besides the rumors. There were many rumors: one was that our school was built on a cemetery, and another was that our school gatekeeper was part of some gang. But the one that interested me the most was of a room located on the ground floor, west wing, on the side of the meeting ground. It was a long room—well, it seemed to be. There was an old door, which was used in the very early days of our school, but all other doors of that type had been removed.

According to the children of our school, this room was haunted. They said that it was haunted by the spirit of Lord Paul, the oldest owner of the school. The Queen of England, for his services to Her Majesty during British Raj, had conferred the title “Lord” on him.

There was something peculiar about this room, which always intrigued me.

Chapter 2: The Mystery

Many people said that noises came from the room. Voices of things falling, and little chirrups.

One day, my friends and I decided that we would investigate the matter. If we solved the case, perhaps we’d become famous in the school. We decided that we would start on Saturday, on Academy Day, as this was the day that everyone came to the school for sports.

We were all there by 8:00 in the morning. I brought a map of the school and had cut the portion that we needed. We all took our torches and stood outside the room. All of us were sweating badly. Arun and I pushed the door open with our feet. The moment the door slammed open, lots of boxes fell. We lit our torches and went inside.

Old manuscripts had fallen everywhere, and there were many spider webs. Suddenly I fell—there was no ground under me, and I thought, This is the end! I’m falling to my death!

I looked to my friends dramatically, just like in the movies, but barely a few feet down I landed with a big thud. I could not move my right leg, and Arun came down to help me. With his help, I somehow got out of that big hole, but could not walk. So I leaned on Arun for support and we moved forward.

But suddenly we heard a noise—the same chirrup—and more objects fell. All of this occurred around us, but there didn’t seem to be a source. We all thought that we’d finally encountered the supernatural, and we looked at each other, tightening our grips on our bats.

We moved forward, tiptoeing quietly with our bats ready in our hands, and we saw…

Chapter 3: An Ironic End

We turned at the corner and we saw… ha! A big army of rats wreaking havoc in the room.

“Well,” I said, “so much for the secret room. And the ghost of Lord Paul.”

When we got out, there was a crowd of people waiting for us. We all told them the story. And finally, I said that the matter of the room was done. And that it was now safe to say …