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The Sharp, Sharp Secret

By Ashlin Veltri, Age 11, Washington


CHAPTER 1: The Beginning

Once there was a girl named Tori. She was 15 years old and seemed like a normal girl—but she wasn’t. Tori was a vampire! No one knew, not even her family. She lived with her Mom, Dad and three other siblings, but that week, her Dad was on a business trip in Italy. Her siblings were Zack, Tilly and Emma. Zack was 13, and Tilly and Emma were five-year-old twins.

Tori and her brother Zack were students at the London Academy of Doryann. At 6 AM on Friday morning, Tori and her brother got dressed, fixed their hair and brushed their teeth. Shortly after they got ready for school, Tilly and Emma got up and got ready for school. When everyone was ready, Tori made toast. About five minutes later, Zack told Mom that they were ready for school, and everyone walked with Mom to the car.

In just a few minutes, they were at the academy. Tori and Zack got out of the car.

“Bye Mom, bye Tilly, bye Emma,” Zack said. He turned, expecting to see Tori. Instead, she was already at the front door of the school. She’d gotten there faster than the blink of an eye. Tori looked back at Zack for a second and then back at the glass doors of the school. Like a mirror, the glass reflected everything in front of it—except Tori. As Zack made his way to the school doors, Tori slipped inside before her brother could see saw that she didn’t have a reflection.

Throughout the day, Tori was able to keep her secret safe, as usual. But Tori always knew that the next day would be an even bigger challenge. She was so stressed about what might happen, she forgot about her homework.

The next morning was Saturday and something seemed different. The normal Saturday morning noise wasn’t there. But Tori could still hear Zack’s morning video games. Tori went into Tilly, Emma and her Mom’s room, but no one was there. Then Tori knocked on Zack’s bedroom door and, with no answer, Tori walked into Zack’s room and he was sitting on his bed with his Z-Box controller in his hands and day-old orange juice on the windowsill.

CHAPTER 2: It All Started

“Hey, do you know where everyone is?” Tori asked.

“No,” said Zack, fixated on his game.

“Well, can you call Mom?” Tori asked.

“Sure,” said Zack.

“Okay,” Tori added. “Come get me when you are done on the phone.”


Tori walked out of Zack’s room and returned to her room. About one minute later, Tori remembered something that happened with the Vampire Council. A year ago, they’d said that if she didn’t drink a human’s blood in the next year, they would take her family. But why wouldn’t they take Zack? They must’ve forgotten that Zack was her brother.

I have never, ever drunk blood, Tori thought. I eat fruits and vegetables and the closest I ever came to drinking blood was sucking the juice out of a blood orange.

Tori looked at her calendar and saw that the Vampire Council meeting had been exactly one year from this day. Tori got up out of her bed and rushed over to Zack’s room.

“Come on, Zack!” she said. “Let’s go!”

“Go where?” Zack asked. “Oh yeah by the way, Mom didn’t answer.”

“I know,” said Tori.

“How did you…?” Zack stopped. “Oh, never mind. Where are we going?” Zack asked as Tori pulled on his arm.

“Somewhere,” Tori replied.

Tori pulled Zack onto her bike, and Zack hesitantly agreed. I’m going to have to tell him sooner or later, Tori thought. So I might as well tell him sooner. Tori kept thinking and thinking of what to say as she pushed the pedals.

Then, about 15 minutes later, Zack yelled, “STOP!”

Tori immediately braked.

“You were about to hit that car!” Zack exclaimed.

“Sorry buddy,” Tori said to the person she’d almost hit.

“It doesn’t look like he thinks he’s your buddy,” Zack snorted, and Tori smiled sheepishly.

A few minutes later they were at the Vampire Council building parking lot.

“Where are we, Tori?” Zack asked.

“Zack, there is something I need to tell you,” Tori responded.

Her brother looked at her.

“I’m a vampire.”

“Hahahahahaha,” Zack laughed. “I don’t believe you.”

“I’ll prove it,” Tori said, and let her vampire teeth shoot out of her mouth.

“Ahhhhhh!” Zack exclaimed.

“Calm down. I won’t hurt you,” Tori said. “We live in the same house. If I wanted to, wouldn’t I have sucked your blood by now?”

After a few minutes, Zack relaxed. “Okay, I’m calm now.”

“Then listen,” said Tori, and dove into her explanation. “One year ago today the Vampire Council said if I didn’t feed on a human in the next year, they would take my family away. And today that happened!”

CHAPTER 3: The Rescue Mission

Tori and Zack walked to the front door of the building and Tori entered the code for the door. Then they walked through the main entrance and into the council hall.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t our little friend Tori,” said Lucas, the leader of the council. “Oh! And this time she brought a friend!”

“Stay back. These guys aren’t good,” Tori whispered to Zack. Tori raised her voice to the council: “Give us our family back!”

“Oh, you want your family back,” Lucas said, approaching Tori and Zack. “I’ll give them back, but you have two choices. You can either fight me or feed on a human. And, there is no human you can feed on, so…” Lucas threw a punch at Tori, but Tori blocked it. She fought with Lucas for a while, but soon realized that she had no chance of winning. She only had one choice.

“Zack,” she said to her brother. “Let me bite you.”

“What!” said Zack.

“Do you want our family back?” she asked him.

“Yes, but …” he said as Tori leaned into Zack’s neck. “Ouch!” he cried.

Tori looked at Lucas. “I fed on a human, now give me my family back.”

“Fine,” said Lucas. “I will give you your family back.”

“Tori! Zack!” Mom, Tilly and Emma cried as they moved into the room.

“Let’s all go home and have a nice lunch,” said Mom, who wasn’t really sure what had just happened.

So everybody went home and ate lunch. On Monday at school, Tori realized she’d forgotten her homework again—things were really back to normal. Eventually, Zack got used to being a vampire. He was terrified at first. Not being able to see his reflection in mirrors and glass was pretty weird, and that wasn’t even the half of it. But Tori helped him get through the transition.

From that day on, Tori wasn’t afraid of anything. Well, she was still afraid of forgetting her homework.


  1. Alannah Adams /

    I like how you said they probably forgot Zack was her brother

  2. Alannah Adams /

    I love your story Ash! <3

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    Good job ash!!

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    I never thought my story would be in a magazine again thanks soooo much

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    I don’t like it.I love your story so much.

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    Ashlin your story is awesome and it has good details and another thing I loved your story about tori when she was a vampire.

  7. ashlin veltri /

    oh my goodness I love my story soooo much thank you I never thought my story would be public to other people I would like to thank all my of my teachers they all pushed me to become a better writer my teachers Ms. Eva, Mrs. stone, And my homeroom teacher Mrs. Carr. All of these teachers are wonderful people thank you to all of you


    • Ashley payo salazar /

      cool story

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      Thank YOU, Ashlin, for loving the art of writing and having the confidence to share your wonderful story!!

      Mrs. Stone

    • You are very welcome, Ashlin!!! You can be so proud of all your hard work and amazing writing! Keep up the great work! 🙂

      Alyse Rome, Founder and President
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