Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Shy Squirrel

By Varsha Ayala, age 6, Illustrated by Vasantha Ayala


Once upon a time, there lived a squirrel named Emily. She stayed with her mother in the forest. She was a very shy squirrel.

She only used to talk to her mother and Emily did not have any friends.

She always saw other squirrels playing on the trees and grass. But Emily did not join them to play because she was shy.

One day, her mother said, “You should play with the other squirrels and make friends.”

Emily said, “I am too shy mother.”

“You should never be shy Emily, go and play with the other squirrels,” her mother replied.

Emily said, “Okay mother I will go play with the other squirrels and I will never be shy again.”

Emily played with the other squirrels and made friends with them. They all played hide and seek and tag together every single day.

Emily the shy squirrel was never shy anymore!