Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Silly Turkey

By William Robert McCabe, age 7, Calgary, Canada

Once there was a turkey, a very silly turkey he was. His name was Turk the Trojan Turkey. Every day he said to himself, “I wonder what sort of silly thing I’m going to do today.” He would then eat breakfast and go outside to do something silly. For instance he might trip on a can that some careless camper littered, or he might turn a cartwheel which most turkeys don’t do.

On this particular day, he was walking along and began to climb a tree. “Well most turkeys don’t do this, I must be the luckiest turkey in the world.” He went higher and higher, “Ooooh this is a great view; I think I’ll go a little higher.” He was very high off the ground, for this was a tall tree and he was nearly to the top. As soon as he reached the top, “Ooooh this IS a good view, but AHHHH! I’m afraid of heights THIS high!” Then he noticed Papaw’s pumpkin patch, which was half a mile away. He climbed down half of the tree and fell the rest of the way after slipping on a leaf.

After a good cry, he began walking to the pumpkin patch. He met a wolf along the way, “Tell me a good joke or I’ll eat you for Thanksgiving dinner.” Turk replied with a joke. “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Luke.” “Luke who?” “Luke behind you it’s Peter.” Because he knew the only thing that scared wolves was Peter (from Peter and the Wolf). The wolf ran off in a dark grey blur. The turkey laughed and went his way to Papaw’s pumpkin patch.

As Turk picked up a pumpkin, he noticed a scarecrow. The scarecrow strangely was beginning to move. Then the scarecrow charged. He said, “Why are you taking that pumpkin?” “I was thinking of using it for pumpkin pie or for a pumpkin bath.” “Oh okay,” and then he went on back to his post.

Turk climbed the nearest tree, pretending to be a squirrel carrying an oversized acorn. When any squirrels tried to steal his pumpkin, thinking it was an acorn, he would just knock them down to the lower branches and shout, “That’s what you get when you try to steal my acorn.”

He walked the rest of the way home and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with his family. The pumpkin pie was delicious, and the leftover pumpkin juice with spice was one of the best-smelling baths you could have.