Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Sledding Competition

By Emma Henault, age 9, Vermont


One crisp winter afternoon, Alison Shepherds walked up the long and curvy sledding hill in the town of Buxton. Once she got to the top, she breathed in the cool winter air but something disturbed her.

“Why are you here? Girls can’t sled. Why don’t you go paint your nails or something?”

Josh Parker was the name of the boy shouting the nasty comment at Alison. She didn’t say anything. She just laid her sled down, got on the sled, and started to rush down the hill. Alison loved the feeling of gliding down the hill with the snow in her face. All of a sudden, Josh and his brothers jumped in front of her sled, grabbed the rope she steered with, and flipped the sled. Alison went flying.

Alison flew into a snow bank. All of the boys laughed “Stupid Girl!!” one of them said. Alison decided that she was going to have a competition with the boys to see who was better at sledding.

The next day Alison told the boys about her idea. They thought it was dumb of her to want to compete with them but they said yes. The parents of the children set up an obstacle course. If a boy loses all the boys lose but if Alison loses, the boys win.

Many boys tried to be faster than Alison was, but they couldn’t. In the end, Alison won and proved that boys and girls can do anything if they believe they can.