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The Smartest Person

Told by Akshara Kumbamu, age 5, Minnesota
Written by Saahas Kumbamu, age 9, Minnesota


Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She was smart, but everyone called her dumb at school.

One day she was walking through the woods, crying.

A monkey saw her!

The monkey went to her and said, “You look smart and strong. And also brave because you are walking through the woods all by yourself. But, why are you crying?”

“I’m smart, but everyone calls me dumb. I don’t know what to do,” said the girl.

The monkey got an idea. “How about this?” he said. “Give me a bag full of gold. Then I’ll give you two choices: either you become the queen of the earth or become the smartest person on the earth.”

The girl went home and asked all her peers for gold. They said, “No.”

Then she asked her mom. “I will be the queen of the earth if you give me all your gold. Please, Mom, I want to be the queen,” she pleaded.

The girl’s mom gave her all the gold that she had.

Then the girl gave all the gold to the monkey and told her that she wanted to be a queen.

Soon after, the monkey turned the girl into the queen of the earth.

Then the girl was living rich in a palace.

But soon she realized something. Even though she was living in a palace, life wasn’t fun because she didn’t choose to be a smart person.

She went back to the monkey and requested him to change her wish.

The monkey accepted her request.

Next thing you know, the girl was the smartest person on the earth.

And she was so happy!


  1. Mike and Lori in Athabasca /

    Kool Story Akshara.

    Lori says: I was inspired by your lead character. She sounds like someone I would like to meet.

    Mike says: I didn’t know there were monkeys in Minnesota! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. 5 Stars..Way to go Akshara and Saahaas!