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The Spectacular Swimming Race

By Sarina Patel, Age 9, Florida


The announcers bellowed, “ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to ROCK the pool in this year’s Splashin’ Summer Swimming Contest?” The gory roars and enthused chants of the crowd stated that they were ready to see one winner emerge from the competition and five others get creamed like a buttery spinach pastry. I gulped and squirmed in the spotlight – shared by medal-hungry swimmers – like a struggling worm in the mouth of a keen bird. I was going to be pounded, bulldozed, stomped, squished, and outwitted like nobody’s business! Tactfully, I sized up my ever-so-dreaded opponents, who oozed all but friendliness. They looked as if they had relished in success one too many times. By the end of this race, though, I consoled myself that I would be the judge of that!

“Alright, racers! Get settled! Folks, if you’d please muffle your phones and pay respect to these contestants…” boomed the announcer.

I strained to see my parents in vain and then strapped on my goggles. SPLOSH! SPLASH! A cool wave of water refreshed my face as I dunked myself into the pool water. Lips salty, hair drenched, eyes wide, I listened anxiously to the sound of the announcer and ignored the showy flexing of my opponent’s muscles.

“Get ready, swimmers! On your mark….” I swallowed hugely and breathed deeply. “Get set…” I breathed deeply again and adjusted my goggles. I positioned myself accurately on the wall-like bench.

“Alright now…….I think we’re all ready for this huge event….” babbled the announcer. “So we should thank these fit people for competing in the wonderful sport of swimming, right?”

My heart boomed loudly. I drained of all adrenaline that coursed through my body and glued my feet to the wall. It was go time.

“GO!” thundered the announcer. I catapulted my feet off the wall and rocketed through the water. Casually, I meandered past a competitor of mine, Tiffany, who raged like a blazing bonfire. I gloated and relaxed. The trophy was officially mine….GAAAHHHH! I spluttered, gargling a mouthful of water. Tiffany had throttled me and was now going to smash me against the worn wall. I anticipated a painful blow but narrowly dodged her. Hungering for air, my mind whirring with escape routes; I leaped up for air and smoothly dove back into the water. Tiffany almost body- slammed me, but I used every ounce of physical power I had to lunge forward. I was more steamed than a pressure cooker when Jean Paul rocked the stadium with his close, luxurious view of the wall. I felt manipulated. How did I overlook that? I dashed close to the wall; doing all that was humanly possible to dodge, kick, and sprint towards the object that meant so much to me, the trophy.

Charged with energy, I silently trespassed into Tiffany’s lane and swerved away, realizing that stalling her wouldn’t really help in this situation. I gritted my teeth. This stops NOW! I peered at my lagging competitors. Slicing the water with precise strokes, I quickly side-stepped a fiery Jean Paul. My fingers frolicked in the wall, penetrating the weathered wall, my final “rocket” that would launch me to victory on cloud nine. I blasted forward and flipped expertly. I boosted myself off the wall with deadly accuracy and whizzed past my opponents. I cherished the moment like I savor the luxuriously rich flavors of Ghirardelli dark chocolate.

After wrestling my way through vindictive waves of water; I drilled, wrangled, and bulldozed my way through the pool and ejected myself off the sidewall like a ballpoint pen drawn from a table as my body jackknifed into my best version of supersonic action. I double- checked my two main obstacles, Jean Paul and Tiffany, who were most likely going to rupture, truck, smash, slam, cream, outwit, scar, scratch, destroy, bulldoze, burn, singe, and pounce on me- all because of that darn medal! Well, two can play this game. Thick, glossy bubbles spewed out from my mouth a few minutes later. I veered to the left and swerved to the right, oh-so-slightly intruding into Tiffany’s already limited space…..which was now just water void of her strong frame, as she was panting and gasping behind Jean Paul and I. Anyway, I was busy mystifying the announcer and tantalizing the crowd…..OWWWW! I was throttled against the coarse wall. Instead of backtracking my steps, I aimed for the wall in my weary state and felt supercharged with riveting energy. I desperately floundered- my fingers flickering nearby in the teal-colored terrain of water and smoothed rock.

After a brief, quick glance, I saw nobody even close to me. SWEET VICTORY! I touched the wall and gripped it tightly, smiling avidly at the happy crowd. After I got the trophy, I realized that it couldn’t have gotten better than this. The trophy reflected my surprised, overjoyed look. Victory is sweet!


The End

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  1. Great piece sarina! i remember this one