Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Start of a New Chapter

By Cassandra Alvarado, age 12, California


It was a beautiful Monday morning. I could hear birds chirping, people getting in their cars to go to work, and leaves flying past my window with a light breeze. I had to start my usual morning routine to get ready for school. First, I picked out my outfit. I decided to wear my blue uniform pants, a white-collar shirt, my black vans, and my black sweater. Next, I went to the bathroom to brush my soft, mahogany-brown hair. Once I was done with that, I brushed my teeth, grabbed my shoes and backpack, and headed out the door. I usually get a ride from my mom, but she had to go to work early today, so I just walked to school.

On my way to school, I could hear three girls yelling at the top of their lungs.

“What a freak!” one of the girls said.

“What a weirdo!”

“That’s why she doesn’t have any friends.”

“Ha, ha, ha!” all the girls laughed as if I said something funny.

But I just simply ignored them, and I headed to the entrance of my school. I only had three months of school left until I headed for middle school, and the pressure was on me because we had a big test coming up and I had to be ready!

Months went by, and I had scored a perfect 100 percent on my big test! I was so proud of myself. My sixth-grade ceremony was next Friday. I was so happy that the school year was over because I was tired of everyone bullying me just because I loved school and because I was really smart.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Ring! The school bell rang. SCHOOL WAS OVER!

I was so happy the school year was over. Now I didn’t have to be so worried at school! I could just enjoy my summer! But then I thought to myself…

What if I get a makeover?!

I ran downstairs to talk to my mom about the great idea that I had!


“What? What is it?” my mom asked me.

“I just had the most amazing idea! I want a makeover!”

“A makeover?” my mom said, amazed about what just came out of my mouth.

“Yes, a makeover. A new look, new clothes, new shoes. Please, Mom!”

“Fine. But by you changing your look, it doesn’t change what’s inside of you.”

I ignored what my mother told me and ran up to my room, very excited about how I would look after the makeover.

The following day, we were off! My mom and I were searching for a new look. We started with my clothes. It was hard to find anything different because I was used to the clothes that I would normally wear. But we finally found clothes that I liked from Hollister. The next thing was my hair. I would usually do my hair in two ponytails, but I wanted to try something new, something different. I decided to go with curls. The curls were so curly that it seemed as if I had curly fries in my hair. The final thing that I had to look for was new shoes. I often wore flats or dressy shoes, but I decided to wear something different. I went with some black and blue Jordan’s.

Two months went by, and summer was over. I was so nervous about what everyone was going to think about me and about my new look! I was also nervous about my first day in middle school.

What if they don’t like my new look? I thought to myself. What if they still make fun of me?

I was nervous, but I knew it was too late to back out! As I was heading to my first period, I saw girls looking at me. Some of the kids looked at me nicely as if they liked me, and some looked at me as if they didn’t like me or my new look. School was almost over when I saw three girls that I recognized!

Wait…are they who I think they are? I thought to myself. It is! It’s the three girls who would bully me in sixth grade! I can’t let them see me; I just can’t.

I tried to walk fast so that the three mean girls wouldn’t see me, but they did! They had seen me, and they had seen my new look.

“Stephanie, is that you?” one of the girls asked.

“Uh…no,” I said, trying to hide my voice.

“Yes, it is! It’s you, and I’m going to tell everyone how much of a phony you are!”

I didn’t know what to do! I could either tell everyone the truth of who I really was, or I could continue pretending to be this cool, pretty, different person. I had to make a decision and fast!

“Fine! Yes, it is me,” I told the girls with a really disappointed look on my face.

“I knew it! Of course, I knew it because I know everything!” one of the girls said with an attitude.

“We are going to tell everyone how much of a phony you are tomorrow!” all of the girls told me.

During the rest of school, I was nervous and worried about what everyone was going to think about me once they knew the truth.

The following day I had bags under my eyes and looked just like a raccoon because I couldn’t sleep. Once I got to school, I saw the three girls surrounded by an angry mob!

“What’s going on?” I asked with a curious look on my face.

“They all know the truth!” one of the girls told me.

The angry kids looked at me as if they were disappointed in me for lying to them.

“Why would you lie to us?” one of the students said.

“Yeah, why would you?”

I looked back at how I used to be and realized that I wasn’t acting like myself. I could see that I was trying to act like someone I wasn’t. I didn’t know what to tell them.

Should I tell them why I did this, or should I just run away and cry? I thought to myself. Wait…no, I am tired of running! I need to tell them why I did this.

“I am sorry you guys. I really am,” I said with a small tear in my eye.

“Why did you lie?”

“I did all this because in elementary school I would always get bullied by three girls. They would say that I was a weirdo and a freak. So, during the summer I decided to get a whole new look, so I wouldn’t get bullied anymore. But then I started realizing that I wasn’t myself. I wanted people to like me, but I wanted them to like me even though it wasn’t really me they liked.”

“I understand where you are coming from, but you shouldn’t change for anyone. You just need to be yourself. I’m pretty sure that if you were yourself, you would make a lot of friends.”

“Thank you, guys. I am sorry, and now I know that I just need to be myself, and if people don’t like me for being myself, then that is their problem, not mine!”

From that day on, I learned that it is always best to be myself and to not change for anyone. The best part is that I did make friends, and they liked me for being myself!