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The Surprise Snowfall

By Utsha Rai, Age 11, California


Olivia woke up confused. She knew something was off. Not only was her room a freezer, but she also couldn’t hear the cheerful chirping of birds like any other day. Instead, she heard the wind howling. It was very unusual considering it was summer. She trudged over to her window shivering and shut it tight. Olivia had opened it the night before, for it had been very humid before she went to bed. That’s what got her heart racing. How could the weather the night before turn a complete 180? She shrugged her shoulders, and went downstairs for breakfast.

Although Olivia ate a lot for a 13 year old girl, she was a stick. She had straight chocolate brown hair with uneven bangs covering her aqua blue eyes. She was still dressed in her black and purple PJ’s that usually kept her warm and toasty, but for some reason didn’t keep warm enough that day. She was trembling from the cold as she ate her cereal. It was silent, too silent. She chugged down the rest of her cereal as she remembered it was Monday. She huffed out loud while getting up from her table.

She quickly got dressed after looking out the window to see what the weather was. The trees were being rocked back and forth as their leaves were being tossed around the air because of the powerful wind. What surprised Olivia the most was that there was some ice on the ground. She couldn’t believe her eyes, but she eventually tore her eyes away from the window. She dressed in something suitable for the unusual weather. She put on a black coat with brown boots lined with midnight black fur. She had never worn boots before since it was never cold enough to wear any type of boots. She grabbed her crimson red backpack, and set out to school.

The chilly wind hit her face­­­­­, causing a shiver to run up her spine. Even the birds didn’t come out because of the cold. All the cars had ice on their window shield and door handle. She even saw her neighbor with an unattached door handle in hand, and a frustrated expression. She chuckled to herself while shaking her head, and continued walking to school.

It was ten minutes into the walk when the most exciting thing happened. It started to snow! At first, Olivia thought that it was just white petals falling. However, she came to her senses, realizing that it was just snow. By then, the light snowfall had turned into a dangerous blizzard. Although Olivia was not one to know a lot about blizzards, she realized that if she didn’t get to school sooner, she would be lost. She quickened her pace, and decided to take a short cut to get to school before the blizzard became worse. The short cut consisted of going through a forest, and climbing a fence.

She made her way to the worn out fence, and got ready to climb it. But first, she had to throw her backpack over the fence then attempt to actually climb the fence. She landed on the other side of the fence with a loud crunch.  Olivia grabbed her backpack before entering the forest. She followed a hiking trail, but had to follow another hiking trail halfway. The hiking trail she started on would lead her back to town, but it would take longer. Therefore, Olivia took the other hiking trail to get to school faster.

The snow did not help at all. It had covered the entire hiking trail, so Olivia could not find her way. Usually, Olivia wasn’t scared about getting lost, but the snow had already come up to Olivia’s knees, which was making her very nervous to say the least. She started to panic, and scanned the forest to look for any signs of a town nearby. Unfortunately, the snow was so bad that she could barely even see the trees next to her. She knew better than to wander around without a clue of where she was going, so she tried to use her hearing. She heard nothing, but the sound of her own ragged breathing. Maybe if I was closer to the fence, I can hear something. So she tried to follow the hiking trail by memory.

After half a mile or so, she stopped and listened really hard, but she heard nothing. She was starting to lose hope, but she didn’t want to give up without a fight.  She continued for 2 more miles and listened, but still couldn’t hear anything. After 3 miles of walking, she finally heard something. It was the sound of car horns beeping and people shouting. Her heart skyrocketed as she jumped up and down in joy, and ran towards the sound. She couldn’t really see the fence because of the snow, but saw it nonetheless, and ran towards it. She shrugged off her backpack, and threw it over the fence before climbing it. She recognized the road immediately, and started to run as fast as she could to school.

When she arrived at school, she saw a sea of students leaving the school. She spotted her best friend Amber. Amber had strawberry blonde hair with forest green eyes that stood out from her dark complexion.  Olivia asked her why everyone was leaving. Amber looked at her like she had two heads, and said, “School’s out!” in a duh voice. Olivia gaped at her in surprise. She didn’t know that it was the end of the day already. She suddenly got hit by something, and looked down to see what it was only to be hit again. But this time, she knew that it was a snowball, and that Amber was the one who threw it at her. So she made a snowball of her own, and threw it at Amber. She shrieked in surprise, and they soon were in an all-out snowfall fight with some of her other friends.

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