Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Tale of the Lost Wolf

By Daniela Santos, age 12, California


This story takes place in a dark creepy forest in Canada. Around the forest, you could see a lot of trees, some with high branches some with low branches, some thick and some pretty thin. In the forest were many small ponds and one main river. You could hear crows cawing, and if it was very quiet, you could hear the wind blowing through the trees. This forest housed 4 different packs of wolves. There was the River Side Pack, which lived right next to the river and lived by catching fish. Then there was the Moonlight Pack, this pack lived underground catching small animals like rabbits and birds. Then there was the Bark Pack, they lived around the trees and in caves, and lived off berries and other fruits they found. Finally, there was the Gold Eyes pack, this pack lived in the mountains and lived off small animals. The packs got along just as great as a cat with a fish. Out of these packs the fiercest and strongest was the Gold Eyes Pack. This pack however, also housed the clumsiest, and least fierce of all the wolves. This wolf’s name was Mumbles.

Mumbles was a misty gray colored wolf, and he had one long black stripe running down his back. He had a soft mane that glistened in the daylight. He had glorious gentle golden eyes like honey, that from time to time looked like cat eyes. Mumbles always had dirty paws since there was not one day when he didn’t explore or try to trace something in the dirt or snow. Mumbles loved to explore, but hated to fight or hunt. Although he was very creative and smart, he got no credit for that. It didn’t help at all that Mumbles’ father was the leader of the pack, and constantly made Mumbles do more than he was capable of doing. Mumbles was constantly being pushed to fight, when all Mumbles really wanted to do was create things. Mumbles was peacefully sitting in the snow when his dad came out of nowhere.

“What are you doing here?” asked his dad.

“Nothing,” answered Mumbles.

“Instead of wasting your time on pointless things, could you go and try to find food like the rest of your pack does?” asked his dad.

“But Dad…”

“No! Go do what you are told.”

Mumbles walked away feeling miserable. Mumbles wanted to be like the rest, but he couldn’t. He walked around the mountain thinking. When it was time for the pack to go to sleep, Mumbles chose not to, he chose to run away. He ran pretty far, but since at this time he should have been sleeping, he soon got tired and fell asleep. The next morning he kept running, but now he was as hungry as a lost traveler. So, he stopped and managed to find some berries. He peacefully ate his berries when he realized he was in Bark pack territory. He felt scared because he could hear rustling between the leaves and running behind him. Before he could run away, he was surrounded by the Bark pack. The pack was surrounding Mumbles and he didn’t know what to do until he realized that the very thick tree branches were low to the ground. He jumped up and managed to land on one of the branches. He jumped from branch to branch with the Bark Pack right under him. He managed to escape since the Bark Pack was the weakest and slowest pack of the forest. After running away for a little bit more, Mumbles realized he had to find a way back home. He also realized that this was going to be difficult, since he didn’t know where he was and all the other packs were around. Mumbles chose to walk some more, and as he did he found another wolf roaming around. It was a female wolf who looked very similar to Mumbles with the difference being their eyes and face. The mysterious new wolf had beautiful bright blue eyes that went perfectly with her lighter gray face.

“Hello,” said Mumbles.

“Um..Hi!” replied the other wolf as she suddenly turned around.

“Did you separate from your pack?”

“No, I’ve been out here for as long as I can remember.”

“ Oh.”

“What happened to you?”

“I ran away from my pack since nobody understood me.”

“Let’s try to find your pack.”

“Let’s go,” said Mumbles excitedly. “I didn’t catch your name, what is it?”

“My name is Lena, what’s yours?”

“My name is Mumbles.”

“Well what are we waiting for?”

“Let’s go!”

Mumbles and Lena walked for a while and soon found themselves near a river. This river was where River Side Pack lived.

“Let’s drink some water,” said Mumbles.

“You do that, living alone I learned to catch fish,” replied Lena as she jumped into the river.

Right as she jumped into the river, River Side Pack came out of a small opening next to the river. Lena jumped over next to Mumbles.

“What are you doing in our river?” asked the River Side Pack leader snarling at the scared wolves.

“We just wanted to drink some water,” replied Mumbles.

“ Well, your friend over there was doing more than just drinking water,” snapped the pack leader.

“I’m hungry, ok? I wanted to fish,” replied Lena in her defense.

As more and more wolves were coming, Mumbles was planning a way to escape. He turned around to notice the river flowing quickly in another direction.

“Lena,” he whispered to Lena.

“Yes, Mumbles?” replied Lena.

“Can you swim?”

“Of course I can”

“At the count of three, jump into the river and follow me.”



Both wolves jumped back right before River Side Pack could pounce. Lena was following Mumbles like a kitten following its mom, and he followed the current. Soon they knew they were far from River Side Pack so they both jumped out of the water and shook themselves dry. Once they did it was night time, so they went to bed and doze off quite quickly. The next day they woke up and managed to find some mice to eat, drank some water, and were on their way.

“How is your pack?” asked Lena.

“Um, I couldn’t tell you much. They make me hunt, but all I want to do is be creative,” answered Mumbles in a low voice.

“I’m sure your pack is awesome.”

“Hey, maybe you can be part of my pack if we ever find it.”

“That sounds like fun, I’m in.”

Mumbles and Lena walked for a few more days. By then his dad had sent the pack looking for him. Mumbles and Lena managed to make it to a new location. It was a plain with quite a few holes and small animals. The moonlight shone over this part of the forest more than anything. This was not any ordinary plain. This plain housed the second most fierce pack of the forest, Moonlight Pack. Mumbles and Lena were happily playing when a deep voice reached out to them.

“What are you doing so far into the plain?” the voice said.

“Who are you?” asked Mumbles.

“Show your face,” commanded Lena.

“Ok, if you insist.”

Then out of the shadows a wolf with many scars emerged. He had trouble emerging from the cave that he was in, since he wasn’t the smallest wolf in the world.

“GET THEM!” he yelled.

The Moonlight Pack emerged from the shadows and chased them. Lena and Mumbles ran and ran for what seemed like forever when suddenly, the pack leader called out, “STOP!”

All the wolves stopped, even Mumbles and Lena.

“Who are you?” asked the pack leader.

“My name is Mumbles,” stuttered Mumbles is a very shy voice.

“And I’m Lena,” said Lena proudly sticking out her chest and standing tall.

“I see…” replied the pack leader. “How would you like to be part of Moonlight Pack?”

He and Lena were both shocked. They didn’t know what to do. Mumbles loved his pack no matter what but he also hated how he was treated. Lena didn’t know his pack but she wanted to know it. They both looked at each other, then at Moonlight Pack, then at each other, then at Moonlight Pack again. They both said at the same time, “No!”

“Why is this?” asked the leader.

“I have my own pack to find,” replied Mumbles.

“What is your pack?”

“I am a proud member of Gold Eyes Pack.”

“In that case… get them!”

And the chase continued until, this time, Mumbles felt himself in a more familiar land. He looked up and realized that he could see his home – the mountain that he considered lost. He told Lena his home in the mountain was ahead. So, they headed for the mountain. Once they were at the mountain, they found his pack! Mumbles saw his dad in the front of the pack.

“Dad!” exclaimed Mumbles.

“Son, get back!” answered his dad.

Mumbles and Lena went behind the pack and his pack scared the Moonlight pack away. Mumbles explained to his dad why he had run away, and his dad understood.

After that his dad let him use his creativity to help with hunting and also gave Lena a spot in the pack. Mumbles and Lena stayed friends, and Mumbles eventually became pack leader after his dad died a long time after. Mumbles realized that it is better to think before you act.