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The Three Dragons

By Coco Wong, age 8, Hong Kong


Once upon a time, a golden raven flew to Beijing and announced an important message to the whole city: “Quiniu the evil dragon is coming. I saw him flying past the Great Wall of China. Get your weapons ready people! I saw him flying toward us, chased by another dragon, one we don’t know!”

Soon the people saw a huge dragon flying into Beijing. Thinking the dragon was the bad Quiniu, they attacked him. However, the dragon they fought against was instead the far worse Chaofeng.

Qiuniu was delighted to see the people attacking his enemy, but Chaofeng was attacking back, so he flew in to help! Qiuniu breathed out a fireball to hit Chaofeng.

The fireball did some damage. Chaofeng was also about to breathe a fireball, but Qiuniu shot his first. Chaofeng flew away.

Qiuniu was so happy that his enemy had been chased away. He told the city how grateful he was that they had helped him to get rid of his enemy. He promised to never be a bad dragon or hurt anyone again.

The Yellow Emperor called Quiniu to the palace and exclaimed, “Now that we are friends, please tell me, what is that bad dragon’s name?”

Qiuniu replied, “His name is Chaofeng.” Chao meant fried in Chinese.

“Wow,” said the Yellow Emperor. “Sounds good enough to eat!”

They laughed. The Yellow Emperor asked builders to build a big golden temple for Qiuniu to stay in, and he made him the top dragon in Beijing.

Some weeks later, Qiuniu’s brother Longwei went to look for him. He found him sitting inside the golden temple. Since Longwei knew how bad Qiuniu used to be, he thought Qiuniu must have been caught by the city and trapped there.

He flew next to the temple and asked, “Why don’t you come out?  Are you trapped? I will free you with my long claws!”

“No!” Qiuniu retorted. “This is my new home. Come in. There is space for you too.”

Longwei flew in and replied, “This is comfortable. I like it!”

“Thank you! The Yellow Emperor’s builders made it for me… but I can ask if they could make one for you!” Qiuniu chuckled.

“Yes!” Longwei responded. “Please! I do want one!”

Qiuniu asked the Yellow Emperor if he and his builders could make another golden temple for Longwei.

“Sure!” The Yellow Emperor declared.

“Thank you your royal highness!” Longwei exclaimed.

And so the builders started to build another golden temple.

When the builders were done building the dome, Longwei respectfully bowed to each of them.

Soon, Chinese New Year came. The dragons, the Yellow Emperor and the city people celebrated, eating moon cakes with red beans and drinking oolong tea. Then suddenly, Chaofeng appeared over Beijing. He came to ruin the festival.

The Yellow Emperor exclaimed, “Longwei, my builders made you a home. Please, can you now help fight this evil dragon?”

“Of course!” said Longwei.

“Perfect!” The Yellow Emperor cried. “Qiuniu, use your loud bellow! Longwei, use your long claws to scratch him!”

They followed the Yellow Emperor’s instructions, and Chaofeng quickly flew away. The city cheered for Qiuniu and his brother for saving them, and they all continued the party.


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