Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Trap Door

By Narmeen Khericha, age 8, California


Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Pompaly Blou. She lived with her mother, father and brother. Her brother’s name was Mark. Their neighbors were also a brother and a sister. The girl’s name was Tidelly Pom Pom and her brother’s name was Carl.

One day, Tidelly Pom Pom and Carl came to Pompaly Blou and Mark’s house. Their parents had gone out shopping together and the kids decided to play hide-and-seek. The seeker had to find the rest of the kids with his/her eyes closed. (That must have been hard!) Mark was the seeker because he knew the house well. He was feeling along a wall when he felt a button. He pushed it. He didn’t know that it was a button no one knew about. When everyone else heard the sound of the button going ping pong, they came to where Mark was standing. Suddenly they fell through a hole that opened up underneath them, right into the ground…

All four of them landed in the hole with a thump. The first thing that they saw was grass eating a moose. Then they saw a deer eating a lion. They thought that was really weird, for it was the opposite of what was supposed to happen. Suddenly, they heard a clunking sound. They soon noticed that the hole that they had fallen in had just closed.

Mark said ,“How are we supposed to get out of here?’’

“Wait,” Tidelly Pom Pom said. “If everything is the opposite, then there are going to be a lot of animals that are going to come after us. Cows, spiders, fish, shrimp, octopus, pigs and a lot more.”

As soon as she said that, they noticed a group of animals that were getting ready to attack them. They started running as fast as they could. They ran and ran and ran. As they were getting tired of running, they saw a pig standing still. There was a handle on his back. They climbed on top of it and the pig started moving. The tried to move the handle, but the pig was going so fast that they could not.

The pig turned around and started running towards the other animals. The children got really scared, but they could not do anything. The pig ran into the animals and fell down, causing all the children to fall to the ground as well. The animals started going towards the pig as the children quickly moved the handle which opened a door. They entered the door and shut it after them, relieved to find that they were back home.

As soon as they realized that, Mark’s dad asked, “What were you doing?” He wore an expression of confusion and shock, as if they had just appeared out of nowhere.

Mark said, “We were playing hide-and-seek and I found Carl, Tidelly Pom Pom and Pompaly Blou down there. Would you like to see what’s down there?”