Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Treasure

By Kyle Abes, age 11, California


Oh, no! There are only a few minutes left of class, and I have to face that bully, Butch. Maybe he will not see me in the crowd of other sixth-graders. John, a sixth-grader, had black hair and brown eyes and was very slender. The other sixth-graders at Jones Middle School really liked him because he was smart and kind. Butch, on the other hand, teased John because he was very popular. Butch was also jealous because John was handsome and the girls liked him, but Butch was self-conscious of his red hair and his freckles. However, Butch was strong and had made John’s life miserable. John never suspected that soon he was going to have the adventure of a lifetime in which he and Butch faced off.

As the bell rang, John jumped up, rushed out of the classroom, and tried to escape Butch by

going to a rarely used hallway. Just then, he spotted an open door that he had never seen before. He peered into the room, which was pitch dark. He stepped into the room, trembling with fear, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. On the other side of the door, he saw a floating island with an immense castle surrounded by beautiful waterfalls. Behind the castle was a mountain that reached to the clouds. On top of the mountain, a glimmer of brightness lit up the whole mountain. Very curious, he needed to know what was the source of the glimmer.

As he climbed up the mountain, he encountered a giant who blocked his way.

“What are you doing on my mountain?” questioned the giant in a gruff voice.

“I’m going to see what the glimmer is on the mountain,” replied John quietly.

“What do you have that I might like?” inquired the giant.

John realized he still had part of his lunch, so he opened his backpack and pulled out his lunchbox. Then he saw an uneaten apple and handed it to the giant. The giant looked at it closely and gobbled it up in one bite. He began to lick his lips in delight.

“I am still hungry. What else do you have?” demanded the giant.

“Here, try this,” said John as he offered him the salami sandwich.

After he ate the scrumptious salami sandwich, the giant curled up and went to sleep. John quietly continued.

Later, when John had ascended the mountain farther, he encountered his most critical challenge. He spotted a cool, dark cave where he could rest. However, he didn’t know there was a witch there. Very tired, he lay down and went to sleep. After a short time, he woke up, and standing next to him was a beautiful lady wearing a sparkling gown and holding a wand.

“Who are you?” inquired John.

“I am the princess who lives in the castle at the foot of the mountain,” replied the princess. “You must be very thirsty, so may I offer some refreshments?”

“Sure, thank you,” John responded softly. “Why are you here in this cave?” The mysterious princess silently stood there.

As John was about to sip the potion, suddenly the giant barged into the cave and yelled, “Do not drink that potion! It will put you in a deep sleep for many years.”

“Why would she do that to me?” questioned John.

The giant responded, “She is not a princess but an evil witch who casts a spell on anyone who enters her cave. Run as fast as you can while I try to slow her down.” John raced out of the cave and began to climb the rest of the mountain to reach the mysterious glimmer at the summit. Shortly, John reached the summit. There, he discovered a shiny treasure chest overflowing with gold. As he approached the chest and filled his backpack with gold, he thought of helping his family and friends with all the gold he would bring back.

“You are not taking all that gold for yourself, John?” demanded a voice behind John while a loud crack of thunder echoed.

John recognized that voice immediately.

“Butch!” yelled John, surprised. “How did you get here?”

Butch replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Still puzzled, John asked, “How did you get past the giant and the witch?”

“What witch and giant?” Butch asked, pretending ignorance. “Why don’t we sit down and have a snack?”

John, very skeptical and suspicious, agreed to sit with Butch. As they ate their snacks, Butch asked John to pick an apple from a nearby tree. To do this, John left his backpack on the ground and scampered up the tree. As John got distracted, Butch grabbed the backpack and dashed down the mountain. When John climbed down the tree, Butch was not there. Suddenly, John realized that Butch had taken the treasure. He felt he had a huge knot in his stomach and that his heart had skipped a beat. As John quickly descended the mountain, Butch had already reached the door so that he could exit and return to school. After Butch left the dimension, he locked the door from the outside. In a few minutes, John arrived at the door, turned the knob, and discovered it was too late. Oh, no! I’m locked in. What should I do? thought John, concerned.

In the meantime, John’s friends were looking all over for him in the entire school because he usually walked to the bus with them. Since they couldn’t find him anywhere, they decided to ask Butch. They were suspicious because Butch always bullied John.

“Butch, where is John?” asked one of John’s friends.

“Why should I know? I’m not his babysitter,” replied Butch.

“Then why do you have his backpack?” asked another of John’s friends.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Butch responded.

Meanwhile, John was trying to solve how to get out of the dimension. As he sat there pondering his situation, he felt a hard tap on his shoulder. He quickly turned around and saw the giant. Smiling, he handed John a shiny gold book.

“What should I do with this?” inquired John.

“Open the book, and you will find directions on how to escape,” answered the giant.

After John read the book, he figured out how to escape. When he closed his eyes, he imagined himself safely in the school. After a few seconds, he was standing in front of the door through which he had entered the dimension. As he stood there, he noticed a few kids walking quickly to leave the school. Suddenly, he remembered. “Butch!” he shouted. He raced through the hallway trying to find Butch. He had to get that treasure back to share with his family and friends. When he looked down, he was still holding the shiny gold book. He closed his eyes and pictured himself where Butch was. Instantly, he was face-to-face with Butch.

“Now…you have one chance to return the treasure,” proclaimed John.

“What are you going to do, tough guy?” challenged Butch.

John closed his eyes and imagined Butch as a big, green toad.

When he opened his eyes, he looked down and there, staring back at him, was a big, green toad. He grabbed the treasure and bolted home.

John divided his treasure among his family and friends. After a while, John felt sorry for Butch and decided to change the toad back to the bully that he knew. John returned to the place where he had transformed Butch into a toad. And again, he closed his eyes tightly and thought of Butch. In seconds, there was Butch in his original form. As the days went by, Butch became kinder and more considerate. Ultimately, John and Butch became best friends, and all students and teachers knew that if they needed help, both of these boys were ready and willing to step up to the plate.