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The Undeserving Feathers

By Kaitlyn Weidenbruch, age 10, Florida


Once upon a time, a hungry bird named Fensi swooped down on a whale’s back. He had a beautiful coat full of oily and vibrant feathers that reflected the sunlight. At the moment, the sun was setting, leaving behind only a few colorful streaks in the sky. Now, his feathers were a dim golden and he was eager to go to bed with a full stomach. The bird’s nails dug deep into the whale’s thick yet sensitive blubber until he could stand it no longer.

“Why are you using me as a boat? I’m hungry and need to go down to the depths of the ocean. Don’t you know a whale eats under water? A whale my size must gain pounds each day. If you stay on me, your lungs shall soon fill with water,” the whale insisted.

Fensi, who did not enjoy being pushed, let the wind ruffle his beautiful feathers before answering. “Oh, my soul is old and worn. My body aches and my heart is tattered. Many think I’m spoiled and have an easy life because of my great feathers, but my inside is torn. Food does not come easy to a small and weak bird like I. But you may help. Only a whale as fine as you has the kindness to sacrifice a meal,” the tricky Fensi said, trying his best to make the whale believe his story.

“Okay, sir. I didn’t mean to seem rude, and for that I regret something fierce. I didn’t realize you were so elderly and shaken. I know a young and healthy bird named Fensi who looks just like you, so there was obviously a mix up,” the gullible whale said as he shared his dinner with Fensi.

In the morning, the lazy bird flew off to find his next victim. On the way there, he started to wonder why his friends worked so hard to find food when this way was so much easier.

As Fensi scanned the area below he spotted a dolphin sunning herself, not yet noticing the bird hovering above.

“Hello, Ms. Dolphin,” Fensi said in a peppy voice as he lowered himself on the animal’s silky back. “Would you care to lend some breakfast to a young friend? Today is my birthday!” he lied.

Ms. Dolphin sunk under the choppy waves and returned with a plump snook, after admiring the bird’s wonderful feathers. “Anything for the birthday boy!” she exclaimed cheerfully.

Fensi pecked at the fish with his sharp beak, allowing the juicy and fresh flavor to wash over him. The bright sun caused his feathers to shimmer, making flashes of light attract more fish for the dolphin to catch and give to him. Lunch couldn’t have come any quicker. Before he knew it, Fensi was searching for another sea creature to trick.

An animal smaller then a whale but bigger than a dolphin was slicing through the water. Delight climbing up his spine, Fensi zoomed down and landed on the creatures slick dorsal fin. “Excuse me sir, but,” Fensi started. An open mouth full of jagged teeth came darting towards him, anxious to grab something to chew. The bird shrieked and flew away, barely catching flight with feathers dropping along the way. When Fensi found land, he studied himself. The shark had bitten off all of his enchanting feathers. He could no longer fly or be stunning. Animals now looked at him with a gleam of disgust in their eyes.

Fensi was ashamed of the flightless bird he had become. Instead of easily scanning the ocean for fish from above, he had to swim in a tiny pond and scout out small guppies to put a stop to his hunger. And from that day on, Fensi hunted alone, and no sea creature was willing to give him any favors, for they heard many rumors that he was a lazy con artist.


  1. I love this story!!

  2. Jennifer /

    This is a fantastic story!