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The Unlucky Day of Lucky the Dog

By Daniela Santos, age 11, California


On a warm and sunny summer afternoon, Erika played in her backyard with her new puppy, Blondie, a female golden retriever.  She could feel the rays of the big, bright, beautiful sun warming her tanned skin like a woolen blanket,  and she could smell sweet sunflowers standing tall in her nearby garden.  She wore a wide grin across her face because they had such perfect weather after an unusually long and bitter cold springtime.

Erika, a 5-foot tall 14-year-old girl, wore her hair as wavy as the big, beautiful, blue waves of the ocean.  On this day, she wore blue jeans, a purple shirt with black polka dots and black and purple tennis shoes.

As she playfully tried to pry a tennis ball out of Blondie’s mouth, her dad called out to her, “Hey, Erika!”

“Yes Dad?”

“We are going to the park with your brother Samuel. Want to come?”


As Erika, Samuel, Blondie and their dad began to walk towards the park, they heard a loud whimper, coming from under their big red van parked in their driveway.  When they checked under the van, they found a dog lying on its side that looked like a Chihuahua-terrier mix. Although the dog had white fur with chestnut brown spots, they quickly realized that he looked as dirty as a rat rummaging rapidly through a dumpster.  He also smelled like rotten eggs.

“Dad, what should we do?” asked Erika.

“Let’s feed him that dog food we have for Blondie,”  answered her dad.

“Ok, I’ll go get him a bowl of food.”

“I’ll go get him a bowl of water!” exclaimed Samuel as he followed Erika into the house.

Blondie walked over to an oak tree near the front porch to take a nap.

When Erika and Samuel grabbed the dog food from inside the cabinet, their dad shouted from outside.

“Erika, bring Blondie’s shampoo and the hose.  This dog is too dirty…he needs a good bath.”

“Ok!” Erika shouted back as she handed Samuel the dog food and told him to take it to the dog.

As Erika walked out the door with the hose and shampoo, her dad called out, “Go back and get the dog brush!”

Erika went back inside the house to grab the dog brush.  The dog brush had some blond dog hair from Blondie, and it had scratches on the bottom of it because Blondie loved to chew on it.

When her dad finished filling the metal tub with water, he tried to put the stray dog into the water.  However, the dog refused to jump in.  Although Dad tried several times to lift the dog into the tub, each time the dog became more stubborn.

“I think it would be easier to wash a mule,” Dad quipped.

All of this commotion woke Blondie up from her nap.  She raised her head, jumped up, jogged over to the tub and began licking the stray dog’s face.  Blondie suddenly jumped in the bath, and strangely, the stray dog followed.

“Wow! Thanks Blondie!” shouted Dad.

When Erika returned, she handed Dad the brush.

“Erika…you’ll never believe what just…”

“Yes, dad.  I saw the whole thing.  Blondie loves taking baths. I guess she likes the new dog, too.”

So, Erika and her dad began to give both dogs a bath, but they soon realized that the stray dog had two deep cuts on his back.  After the bath ended and they dried off both dogs, Erika quickly ran back into the house to grab some bandages.  After they both finished wrapping him up, Erika fed him a large bowl of dog food.

“We’ll take him to a shelter tomorrow morning,” announced her dad.

“Ok, but where will he sleep tonight?” asked Erica.

“We will have to make him a makeshift doghouse.”

“Like a tent!” exclaimed Samuel.

“Yes! Like a tent!” said dad.

They took a few pieces of old rectangular wood as wide as a table and leaned them against a sidewall of their house so it could form a little house shape.  Inside of the little house Erika placed a few old towels and old blankets to make a little bed on the ground.

Erika spent a long time thinking about what they should name the dog.  She decided to call him Lucky.  Why? She chose this name because he was lucky to have survived the cuts he had on his back.

The next cloudy morning Erika, Samuel, their dad, and Blondie left for the shelter. It was a cloudy and dark day, and it was about 9:30 when they picked up Lucky with his blankets and towels and put him, and the blankets, in the back of the red van with Blondie.

As they drove to the shelter on a very dark and curvy road, they could hear Blondie and Lucky playing with each other in the backseat.  Moments later Erika looked back and saw Blondie cuddling with Lucky.

When they got to the shelter, they saw that it was closed. They looked through the shelter’s window and saw a worker inside wearing headphones.  After knocking for about ten long minutes while Erika played with both dogs, Lucky suddenly made a wheezing sound.  While they were deciding whether to leave the dog there or not, Blondie jumped out of the van’s side open window and ran as fast as a cheetah to the shelter’s front door.  She stood up in the shelter’s front door and barked so loudly that the worker heard her and opened the door for us to come in.

They told the worker about the two deep cuts on his back, and then they gave the worker Lucky. They all said goodbye to Lucky and went home.

A few weeks later, Erika was going through the shelter’s Instagram page and she saw a post that had a picture of a dog that looked like Lucky, but he didn’t look dirty and you couldn’t see the cuts on his back.  She scrolled through the post and read that a lovely old lady had adopted Lucky.  When Erika read this she gave Blondie a big bear hug and showed her dad the post. Overall, they all felt pleased that they could help an animal in need.

They helped Lucky become lucky again.