Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Wild Animal Themed Party

By Lo Ching Yau, age 3, Hong Kong


One day, York Kindergarten was going to host a wild animal themed party to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Valerie got so excited and started thinking about what kinds of costumes she could wear to the party.

Her mommy asked her, “Do you want to dress up for the party?”

Valerie opened her wardrobe and replied, “I want to wear my Minnie Mouse dress with a ribbon hairband!”

Mommy said, “Do you think you can find mice in the jungle?”

Valerie replied, “Yes, they live in the jungle!”

Mommy said, “Hmmmm, then what other wild animals do you think you can see in the jungle?”

Valerie then sang, “A is for alligator, B is for bear, C is for crocodile, D is for deer, E is for elephant…..M is for monkey…… Z is for zebra!”

Mommy was amazed and said, “Well-done! But shouldn’t Minnie Mouse live in Micky Mouse’s Club House?”

Valerie laughed and pointed to the DVD that she watched yesterday, “The Micky Mouse Club House has moved to the jungle according to the DVD!”

Mommy laughed so hard that she burst into tears.