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The Wild Jungle Temple

By Rito Rodriguez, Grade 6, San Pablo, CA


I had no idea why they were standing there. Two middle aged men holding notebooks were all standing around a campfire near me. They all wore ripped clothing and had long tangled wild hair.

One of them turned around and said, “You finally woke up.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Professor Stadler, and you, my friend, are a member of my archaeological team.  Gill…Moises…say good morning to Professor Waldman.”

“Good morning”said Gill and Moises.

“Why are we here?”

“We are on this uncharted island to explore the middle of this island. There is a jungle, and in that jungle there is a an ancient temple.”

“What is in that temple?” I asked.

“I guess that large rock that hit your head during the landslide has affected your memory.  We don’t know yet, but we heard legends of a powerful stone that can make you immortal.”

“We need to make a shelter before night falls, because there are lots of predators on this island that hunt at night,” said Professor Stadler.

When night came, it was pitch black. The fire only lit the path as far as two-yards away from us. We built our shelter out of tree branches. A short time later I was hearing monkey hoots, animal paws pounding on the ground, and the sound of a snake hissing and slithering on the floor. I was afraid that something was going to have me for a late night meal.

I tried to ignore the sounds because here the animals were attracted to heat. I finally ignored all the sounds around me and went to sleep. The next day the professor told us that we had to go to another camp. The ocean’s level was rapidly getting higher as the day passed. When we got to higher ground, we started working on a new shelter. When we were done with the shelter, we went to find water and food.

We went on a two-mile walk in search of food and water. On our two-mile walk we found a python snake. Moises was trained for these sorts of occasions. When Moises got the python in his hands, he got a stick to make it like a pig on a stick.

Hours later we were at our shelter cooking the python. When we were done cooking the python, Gill didn’t want to eat the snake since she was vegetarian.

“You should eat, it might be the last thing you eat,” I said.

“Ok”, Gill replied worried.

When Gill took a bite of the python, she said “This is not that bad!”

As soon as we were done eating the snake, we all went to sleep. Professor Stadler stayed awake taking notes.

I got up to tell him, “Come back to camp and get to sleep. There are predators out here”….

“I have a bamboo sharpened out of Moises’ machete,” he replied rudely.

“Tomorrow we will start heading to the temple,” he said.

“When we find this temple, who will be the one to have the legendary stone?” I asked.

“The one who survives the temple,” he replied.

When we were done talking, I went to sleep.

The next day, sometime around 8:OO to 9:OO a.m. I heard screams. Gill, Moises and I woke up with such a rush. We didn’t see Professor Stadler, so we started looking for him. Moises climbed a kapok tree that was as tall as a redwood tree. Moises saw something big and black at a distance.

“There’s something big and black over there,” Moises said quietly.

We went towards the way Moises told us to. When we got to the spot, Moises told us to hide behind some bushes. We peeked through the bushes so we could see what was happening. We saw a big overweight eastern gorilla trying to break some tree vines which Stadler was under. Moises ran closer, but keeping a safe distance away from the gorilla started throwing rocks at it. The gorilla started to run right at Moises.

Moises climbed up a kapok tree knowing that the overweight gorilla couldn’t climb up the tree. While Moises was distracting the gorilla, Gill and I went to get Mr. Stadler. We saw him grabbing his arm and screaming in agony. We got the professor out of the vines and ran to the shelter. We depositedMr. Stadler in the shelter, and went to help Moises.

We tried to find a hole with something covering it. Later we found a deep, deep hole that was just about right. We covered the hole with brush and placed a log across the top of it. We then went to the area Moises was in. When we got to Moises, we started throwing rocks at the gorilla. The gorilla turned around and started pounding its huge arms running to us.

When we got to the covered hole we started going across the log. The gorilla went on the log, but the log couldn’t hold much weight and snapped! We saw the gorilla fall into the hole. We went to go get Moises and saw him get off the kapok tree really fast. After that we went straight to the camp to see how Mr. Stadler was.

When we got to the camp, Mr. Stadler wasn’t there.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“We left him right here laying down,” Gill said.

“Wait there’s a letter on the shelter,” I said pointing to a little paper stuck on top of the shelter.

I started to read out loud. “It says, ‘I’m sorry I have to do this, but sacrifices must be made. I’ll be heading to the temple to get the stone. This island will soon be under the rising ocean, so I’ll be leaving. Goodbye.’”

“He used us!” Moises said angrily.

“I can’t believe this! We have to go after him”

We all agreed and started to head to the temple. When we got to the temple, we saw Mr. Stadler. We went behind bushes and peeked through them. We saw Mr. Stadler with someone else. He was wearing a black coat, a black hat, black pants, and black shoes.

The man had a suitcase and opened it to Mr. Stadler. The suitcase looked like it had $100,000,000. Mr. Stadler held out a clear bad that contained…the stone!

Moises got up and started running towards the men. He jumped and got the man in black to the ground. We saw the man’s face and it was Mr. Harrington, the man who hired us to come here in the first place.

“I thought you left them,’ said Mr. Harrington to Mr. Stadler.

“I did!” said Mr. Stadler.

Mr. Harrington closed the suitcase and started running to a helicopter that was about to take off. I ran to the helicopter and got in it. I pushed Harrington to the floor of the helicopter and grabbed the pilot out of the pilot seat just as we lifted off the ground. I landed the helicopter for Gill and Moises to get in.  When Gill and Moises got in, I took off.

Sitting on the floor between the seats we saw a red bag. Gill opened it and found animal tranquilizers in it. Gill got one and gave Harrington a quick shot. Harrington slowly fell asleep. We took off and went straight to the mainland, knowing that a stone that could make someone immortal was better left buried deep in the ocean.

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  1. Wendy Gonzalez /

    I am so very proud of your writing Rito. Keep up the good work.
    Ms. Gonzalez