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The Wishing Orb

By Emily, age 9, Indonesia


Chapter 1: The Chest

There was once a girl named Piper. She was very adventurous and determined. She didn’t like procrastinating, and she would never put off what she would have to do until she completed it.

One day, Piper came back from a long day at the beach. Piper opened the door to the closet, and there, sitting on the floor, was a locked chest.

Piper examined the chest. It was big, and embroidered with gold. It looked new, and it shone in the light of the moon above. Piper tried to open it, but to her disapointment, the chest wouldn’t open.

Piper decided to take a bath first.

Piper sat down once she finished putting on her clothes. She pulled out the chest and placed it in front of her, staring at it. Then, suddenly, the lid opened and it began to speak!

“What are you waiting for? Go find the key, Piper!” the chest spoke in a squeaky voice and then closed it’s lid mouth. The shock of seeing a chest speak and to know her name was alarming, but also exciting. Piper decided that the next day, she would try to find the key.

Piper woke up next day. She looked around and immediately ran to the closet to make sure the chest was still there. It was, of course, and Piper was relieved.

She took a bath and went back to the chest. She stared at it awkwardly, until she made the decision to tap it.

“Uh… Mr. Chest? Where do I find the key?” Piper asked the chest.

The chest opened it’s lid mouth and yawned. “You’ll find it at Bobble Hill.” The chest closed again and began to snore.

“So. . .” Piper thought. “Bobble Hill? Isn’t that the hill with the small forest at the top?”

Piper went downstairs and ate some breakfast.

“Mummy, where is Bobble Hill?” Piper asked.

“Bobble Hill? I think it’s over there,” Piper’s mother pointed to the far right. “Be careful.”

Piper packed some water and a few sandwiches in her backpack and began to walk in the direction of Bobble Hill. Soon, she found it.

She looked round. No key. Piper looked down. There was a small hole in the ground. It was too small for Piper’s finger, so she began to dig. She fished her hand inside the hole. Piper felt something metal. She pulled it out – a key!

She ran home and walked in. Her father was doing a crossword on the kitchen table.

“Hello, Piper. I thought you would be home later,” her father greeted her.

“Didn’t feel it,” Piper replied. Piper’s father looked at her suspiciously, then continued doing his crossword. Piper went upstairs and pulled out the chest. She inserted the key and turned it.

The chest opened it’s lid mouth. “Congratulations, Piper!”

Inside the chest was a book with beautiful gold writing: Seek All You Want. Piper opened the book. There was a note written on old, yellow parchment.

This book is the first step to seeking all you want. The question is: Are you ready for the journey?

Piper mouthed “Yes.” She began to read.

You have matches. Ignite the matches and set this book on fire. Jump in. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the book or hurt yourself. Though it may sting a bit.

Piper snuck into the kitchen and grabbed the matches. She went into the backyard and put down her book. She ignited the matches and dropped them on the book.

The flames shot up for a moment, and then became a flying saucer of blue fire. Gripping her backpack tightly, Piper jumped in.

Chapter 2: Into Fantasy!

Piper jumped in. She emerged in a world that was unlike hers. It was a floating island. The sky was pure dark blue, and the clouds were literally puffy groups of snow. The trees were tall and dark blue vines hung from the branches. Piper looked behind her. The book was there, undamaged. Piper picked it up and was about to take a look around when something rammed into her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Wait, who are you?” The girl had long, red hair and transparent sparkly wings. Her eyes were a hazel brown. She wore a red dress made out of flames. Piper remained speechless.

“You must be Piper! I’m Morgan,” Morgan said as she offered her hand. Still speechless, Piper shook it.

“Morgan, what was that? Oh Piper!” Another girl flew in. She looked exactly like Morgan, except her hair was green and her dress was made out of leaves.

“I am Laffie.” Laffie shook Piper’s hand. “Morgan and I are twins, and we are here to guide you through Fantasia.”

Piper followed the fairies. So many questions to ask.

“Nobody has ever found the Wishing Orb. They always die. But don’t worry, Piper. We are here. And we are much more powerful than we take credit for.” Morgan snapped her fingers and a blue fire went alight. She handed it to Piper.

“Take this. It’s very cold.”

Piper nodded and took the fire.

“Here we are. The Dragon Barn!”

The dragon barn was filled with dragons of different types: blue, red, orange. Laffie and Morgan walked to two dragons.

“This is Cinder,” Morgan patted the red dragon’s head. “My dragon.”

“And this my dragon,” Laffie walked to the teal dragon. “Hydrangea. And. . . this is your dragon!” A purple dragon walked into view.

“Her name’s Cora. It’s not so hard to control a dragon, just say it’s name, then say which direction you want to go.”

Piper looked at the dragons in awe. There were spikes leading from the top of their heads to the tip of their tails.

Piper mounted Cora. Cora slowly drifted into the air, and Piper tried to remain calm.

“You’re surprisingly brave, you know that?” Laffie popped up in the middle of the flight.

Piper nodded and looked ahead again. They were approaching tall mountains with snow on top. Laffie and Morgan landed, and Piper tried her best to follow them.

“Cora, down!” Piper yelled.

Cora flailed down to the snow and Piper accidentally loosened her grip. She slid off of Cora’s back and cascaded through the air, landing in the snow.

“Ow!” Piper shouted.

“That was a bit rough. We’ll have to work on that,” Laffie said.

“But for now, what is important is the Wishing Orb. Let’s go!” Morgan said.

Piper walked into the dark cave, afraid of what was possibly coming next.

Chapter 3: The Deep Cave

Piper followed the fairies into the cave. It was dark and creepy, fitting Piper’s fears. Piper shivered.

“Don’t be scared Piper,” Morgan said to Piper.

”O-okay. . .” Piper stuttered nervously.

They walked further into the cave, the cave kept getting darker and darker. Laffie got a piece of wood and held it up.

“Anybody got a match?” she asked.

“Yes, but I thought you could do magic,” Piper said while handing Laffie a match.

“We’re not going to waste our magi,” Morgan replied.

“Magi is magic energi,” Laffie informed Piper seeing her confused look.

Laffie lit the match and put the wood stick on fire. She held the handmade torch up just as they reached a solid dead end.

“What are we going to do?” Piper asked.

Laffie and Morgan held up their hands and closed their eyes. A red glyph appeared on Morgan’s hand, and a green one on Laffie’s. The stone ripped apart, causing a small explosion.

Laffie and Morgan opened their eyes. The group climbed through the opening into a stone room.

Piper hurried into the room and took a look around.

It was brighter than the other cave, certainly. The walls were lined with torches with blue fire.

Laffie and Morgan sat down, crossing their legs. Piper did too.

“Piper, you have extraordinary powers. A powerful aura, limitless magi.”

Piper was surrounded with a light blue haze, looking almost white. Piper breathed in and out calmly.

“Focus, Piper, focus your aura,” Laffie said.

Piper opened her eyes as she felt a lurching feeling in her stomach. She stood up. Laffie and Morgan grinned.

“Good. Now, we need you to do that for the next obstacle,” Morgan said confidently.

Piper, Laffie and Morgan walked on. Piper glanced at the twins. They nodded, and stepped back. Piper concentrated hard and opened the door. A dozen knights in white armour turned towards them.

“What are they?” Piper asked.

“Enchanted white sage armor. All you need to do is concentrate; your instincts will do the rest,” Morgan replied, crossing her arms. Piper nodded.

“Ready?” they asked. Piper nodded again.

Chapter 4: The Wishing Orb

Piper closed her eyes and held up her hand. The enchanted armor  staggered back and detached with the other parts of armor.

More armor came running out. Piper’s body was glowing light blue and her hands defended the attacks. Piper switched to her other hand and ice coloured magi came out and destroyed the armour.

Piper collapsed on the floor, panting heavily. Laffie offered Piper a fruit, which she took.

“It’s a Cardil Apple. Eat, it has special magi refilling properties.”


“It’ll restore your magi,” Morgan said simply.

Piper took a bite of it. It tasted like snow, but edible. She kept eating until it was nothing but the core.

They opened the big white doors and proceeded to venture into the cave.

The torches stopped lining the walls. It was pure darkness. Nobody could see anything. Piper tried to light a match, but it extinguished almost immediately.

“What’s happening?” Piper asked, scared.

“Don’t worry, Piper, it’s just another obstacle,” Laffie said.

Suddenly, a great roaring sound was heard. A pair of glowing crimson red eyes looked at the three.

“It’s a dragon! Run!” Morgan yelled. Piper rolled out of the way as Morgan and Laffie ran.

Laffie activated her aura. “Piper, run behind the dragon! I’ll create a forcefield.”

“I can’t see!” Piper called.

“Use your aura!” Laffie said.

Piper concentrated and ran behind the dragon.

“Piper, you should be able use your aura to attack the dragon from behind!” Morgan yelled.

Piper attacked the dragon from behind and it roared, swishing around, trying to find who did it. The dragon hit Piper in the face with it’s tail.

“Piper!” Laffie shouted.

Morgan and Laffie jumped back and ran out of the way of the dragon’s illuminating fire. Morgan stumbled back on one of the spikes that fell off of the dragon’s tail.

Laffie ran away to the corner of the room. Piper opened her eyes. There was a small scar on her nose and it was bleeding. However, the scar was quite shallow.

Piper was feeling fear, sadness, anger. She focused on her emotions. Her aura glowed light blue. Her eyes turned into cloud-blue discs.

Piper glowed brightly and light blue magi came twisted and snaked from her eyes. The dragon roared and backed away into its cave.

Her eyes faded back into the usual brown. She looked around. Morgan and Laffie were staring at her in wonder.

“What?” Piper asked, confused.

“You- you… You’re the Blue Necromancer?” Morgan asked, excited.


“The Blue Necromancer is rumoured to control light blue magi out of her eyes when her emotions are too strong,” Laffie explained with amusement.

“Laffie.. Piper.. It’s the Wishing Orb!”

Morgan tugged on Laffie’s dress.

The Wishing Orb was a blue sphere with clouds inside. Piper took it and held it in her palms.

“Make a wish,” the twins said.

Her lips were about to move, when she turned around and looked at Morgan and Laffie. She held out the orb to them.

“I think you deserve it. I couldn’t have done it without you,” Piper said.

“No, Piper, we couldn’t have done it without your strong aura. Now make a wish.”

Piper looked at the orb…

…and she woke up in her bed, sweating.