Amazing Kids! Magazine

Through the Eyes of Lia – Part 1

By Natalie B., Junior Assistant Editor

Lia sighed in exasperation. Putting her trumpet back in her case, she sat down, looking at the piece of music in front of her. It was for an audition for the Jr. High Honor Band. She was one of the fifteen students from her school selected to go and audition for this prestigious band. Lia had only gotten this piece yesterday, and she had a good start on it. The thing that bothered her however was, what if she didn’t get in? She really wanted to. If she got in, she’d be looked up to. She’d be praised. But, more importantly, she’d be happy.

Honor band has only three day-long practices and two concerts – it’s for the best musicians from all around the city which Lia lives and she was trying out for it. It was an honor, and an even bigger honor to get in. But, Lia would have to practice – a lot.

Easing herself up, she grabbed her trumpet and began to play the fast piece again, her fingers stumbling all over the valves. There were two pieces: a technical one, and a lyrical one. The latter piece was easy and Lia had it down. It was the technical piece that held her attention the most, because it was a lot harder to learn. So she began to practice. And practice. And practice. Nothing was going to stop her.

Putting her books under the first chair in the third row of the music room, Lia went into the instrument storage room, grabbed her trumpet case from the shelves, and headed back to her seat. Lia was the first chair trumpet player in the 8th grade. Kelsey, a blonde-haired girl, was already sitting in the second chair warming up.

“Hey,” Lia said, plopping down, unzipping her trumpet case, and gently pulling out her trumpet and mouthpiece. She inserted the mouthpiece into the trumpet and played a C scale, perfectly warmed up and perfectly in tune.

“Hey, Lia,” Kelsey said once Lia had finished her scale.

“Lia!” a boy named Adam yelled, and waved. He was fifth chair trumpet player.

“Hey, Adam,” she said, and waved back.

“IT’S LIAAAA,” another boy named Will screamed, faking a fall to the ground. All the trumpet players in the band were hyper and talkative, but Will talked the most, and was the most hyper. He was fourth chair trumpet player, and would never stop talking. But Lia liked him; he was very nice. Lia liked everyone in the trumpet section, and everyone liked her back. The trumpet section was probably the only section where everyone was friends with each other and liked each other. But then again, isn’t that what trumpet players are made for, besides playing their instruments?

Morgan sat down next to Kelsey, a third chair trumpet player, sighing.

“What’s the matter, honey?” Lia asked.

“This one kid pushed me in the hall and made my books go everywhere,” Morgan said, pouting.

“That’s not nice,” Lia said, and then after a second’s thought, added, “Who was it? He or she’s going to be in a lot of trouble.”

“I don’t even know who it was!” she exclaimed. “It was just a random kid! I think it might have been a seventh grader – ugh, they’re so annoying.”

“Weren’t you a seventh grader last year, Morgan? Along with me and Lia and everyone else in the eighth grade?” Kelsey inquired.

Morgan rolled her eyes. “Yes, but we weren’t annoying. This group of seventh graders is a rowdy bunch who doesn’t know what the word ‘quiet’ means.”

“I see,” said Kelsey.

Lia shook her head and sat back, taking out her Honor Band music. If Morgan and Kelsey were going to talk about seventh graders being annoying, Lia was going to practice her music. Her mother had once told her that, 1. The better you get, the more you have to practice, and 2. God helps those who help themselves. Lia was determined to help herself and practice these pieces endlessly. She had to get in. She had to.

(To be continued next issue with part TWO!)