Amazing Kids! Magazine

Time Travel Tommy

By Lorenzo Torres, age 15, California


As the sun rose over the horizon and the mountains, young Tommy Rogers awoke with an ecstatic grin on his face. He began his normal school day routine, even though the only thing occupying his mind was his exotic time machine. Young Tommy, who was a 12-year-old super genius, had been constructing his own time machine for the past few months. After many attempts, each of which had failed, Tommy had finally found the missing piece to complete his time machine. Although Tommy had to attend school, he knew that once it was over, he could use the time machine whenever he desired. Knowing this, he made his way to school, as happy as ever.

Once Tommy finally reached school, he began to brag to all of his equally science-smart friends.

“Guess what guys? I finally completed my time machine!” Tommy exclaimed.

“That’s amazing! When can we give it try?” asked his friend John.

“That’s actually why I’m here. Today is the first day I’m going to use it, and I would like my closest friends to join me.”

“It would be an honor for us to join you,” replied his other friend Erick.

“Okay, it’s settled. We’ll meet after school at my house.”

Tommy continued his school day without a care in the world. When school was over, Tommy and his friends hurried to Tommy’s house, anxious to test his new time machine. They entered his house and made their way to his time machine.

“Before we begin, we need some rules,” said Tommy. “You guys can use it whenever you feel like it, but you must ask me first. And no matter what you do, do not change anything in the past—or else there will be consequences.”

“We understand! Let’s get going!!”

“Alright, where do we want to go?”

“Let’s go back to the first time we all met—that summer day at the beach.”

Each of them looked at one another, nodded their heads, and jumped into the time machine. The machine began rumbling and screeching loudly, startling the boys. Unsure what was going to occur next, all three of the boys closed their eyes and stood listening to the machine until the noises came to a sudden halt.

“Are you guys okay?” asked Tommy.

“Yeah I’m okay,” replied John.

“Same here,” uttered Erick.

“Where are we?” asked John.

“We are here, the place that we first met,” said Tommy.

Now realizing where they were, the boys stepped out of the transported machine and took a thorough look at their surroundings. It was the same setting as when they’d all met 10 years ago.

“Okay, we can enjoy this day however we want. Just make sure we meet back here before midnight, or else we’ll be stuck here.” Tommy looked at his friends. “And remember, do not disrupt the past.”

The boys then split up to have their fun. The hours passed, and the boys soon grew tired of being in the past—that is, until they came across three young children playing in the water, each kid by himself.

“That’s us!” exclaimed Tommy. The boys glanced at them, then they each made their way towards their younger selves. After talking to their younger selves, the boys met up again with each other; however, they realized that their younger selves had never actually communicated with one another.

“This is not good. If they don’t talk, then it will be as if we had never met.”

“What’s wrong with that?” asked Erick.

“If we never met, then we will forget all the memories we had with each other, and our lives could change drastically. Now, what’s worse is that we only have one hour to find the young ones, get them to talk, and get back to the time machine.”

Now, full of anxiety, the boys began to retrace their steps to where they’d last seen their younger selves. Once they found the younger boys, the older boys then returned to one another. As expected, the younger boys connected instantly.

“We’re not going to make it,” worried John. “The time machine’s a good mile down the beach, and we only have five minutes!”

“We’ll make it!” Tommy exclaimed. The boys took off toward the time machine. Once they were only a hundred yards away from the time machine, Tommy fell and hurt his foot.

With only a minute left, John and Erick picked Tommy up and carried him into the time machine with just seconds to spare. They turned it on and returned to the present day, more relieved than when they left.

“Thank goodness! I never thought I would be happy to be back to my normal life,” said Tommy. “Next time, let’s make sure we’re smarter.” The boys looked at one another and agreed.

The next day at school, the three boys were walking around at lunch when they heard a conversation about time travel. The boys looked at one another and smiled.