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Tiny Tinkering

By Naomi O’Connor, age 12, California


Have you ever laid in your bed on a warm summer night and started listening to the crickets while you fall asleep? Then, right when you are in that stage when your eyes are closed, you are calm and you can only hear things, you hear the tinkering of a tiny hammer.

Well, that means there’s a little old man sitting on a mushroom, fixing his fairy friends’ shoes for a fun fairy dance. Guess what he is? He is a Leprechaun, an Irish Pixie. The old man has a long beard, always wears green and has his own pot o’ gold. Now let me tell you a short story on how he began.

Once upon a time there was a pot of gold. And do you know where that pot of gold was? The gold was at the end of a rainbow. People from near and far would come and steal the gold. One day they stole so much that the pot was empty. Do you know what that gold was for? The Pixies believed that when the sun shines on the gold, it made a light that turned into a rainbow. So they got all the gold in Pixieland and filled the pot once again. To make sure no one would ever again steal the gold, they got an old man to guard the pot. And that is why he is a Leprechaun.

There is a legend that if you catch a Leprechaun, you get 1 wish. If I caught a Leprechaun, I would wish for my uncle to not be too lonely.

I enjoyed writing about Leprechauns because I am Irish.

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