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Treasures With Love

By Shanda Nissley, age 12, and Hannah Bright, age 11, Ephrata, PA


I had no idea why they were standing there, the monkeys, they looked so…so…evil!

Why am I here? I ask myself. Just a minute ago I remembered my mom and dad tucking me into bed at my house. Now I am here and a group of monkeys are waiting to attack me. What is going on?

I look around and I see no one else, but animals and leaves. Big leaves. Giant leaves. Bigger than me. All of a sudden I look at the monkeys with my death stare and they back off. I think I need to use that look more on my three year old brother, Tommy, who I thought was at home, in the room right next to me, where I thought I was. I think I need a little rest on that big tree over there, it looks pretty comfortable….

When I woke up I thought I saw a man standing above me. I thought he said something, but he didn’t.

“Why am I seeing things?” I manage to say quietly. I am scared, very scared. “Is anybody out there?” I ask.

No answer, but quiet. Dead silence.

All of a sudden I think I see someone again! I  do, its my mom and dad!  “Mommy, Daddy!” I yell, “I’m so glad to see you, you have no idea how scared I was!”

And then, all of a sudden I’m being shaken, shaken awake! I didn’t think I was sleeping, then it hit me – it was all a dream, the whole jungle thing was a dream!

“Yay!” I yell.

“Shhh!” My mom says “Don’t wake up Tommy or you will be the one on “Tommy Duty.” She winks at me.  “Why did you yell, how did you know we were right here?  We thought you were sleeping.”

I explained what happened. Then my mom shrieked…

“No wonder you yelled, you poor dear! I would have yelled too!” I must admit it felt good to have some sympathy. But, once my parents left the room I wondered why they were in my room at the exact time I yelled?

I fall into a peaceful sleep and nice dreams.  Until about 4:00 am then I see those mean monkeys, again!

I give them my death stare. It doesn’t work. What do I do now? I ask myself.

The leader, of the troops turns around to the other monkeys. He does something in his monkey language, and I have no clue what he is trying to say. Then, he comes and very gently takes my arm… I scream.

All of a sudden I see my grandpa sitting on a fallen log in the clearing in the jungle where the monkey took me.

“Rebecca?” he called.

“Pappy?” I say confusedly.

It makes me sad to see him again, considering he just died two days ago, after being in a coma in the ER.

The  monkey lets go of my arm and I run to my grandpa. We squished each other with big bear hugs, like we haven’t seen each other in ages!

We talked for hours.  As we walked through the jungle, my grandpa pointed out different plants and we whispered near sleeping animals.  After an hour of walking and talking we came to a huge cliff.  I was so scared.

“Grandpa,” I stuttered “I’mm s-s-scarredd!”

“It’s okay sweetie,” he smiled at me.

I smiled back, but not quite as confident as he was.

“Here, let’s back up a little bit!” he said.

That’s when I find a map.   The map is of the jungle we are in. I look at it, and it looks different than most maps I have seen before.  And then, I realize that it is a treasure map!  I get all excited and exclaim a little loudly, “Pappy, it’s a treasure map!”

“I know sweet Rebecca,” he replies. “It’s a treasure map for you!”

“Can we go find out what it is and where it is?”

“Of course we can.”

“YAY!” I shout for joy. We start off looking for the treasure following  the map very, very carefully.  Finally we get to the clearing where it said the treasure was buried.

“Pappy, I need a shovel to dig for the treasure,” I said.

“No you don’t, Rebecca,” he answered calmly.

“But Pappy, I want to dig for the treasure because the map says it’s here.”

“I know, but the treasure isn’t buried. The map never said it was buried.”

I frowned, confused. What did he mean?

“Rebecca, the treasure is my love. I want you to know how much I love you.”

I finally get why he knew the map was for me and why he knew the treasure wasn’t buried.

“Oh, that makes sense. I love you too Pappy, more than you think.  Will I ever see you again?”

“That’s for you to find out,” he says as he smiles mischievously.

That’s when I woke up. I looked at my alarm clock., 6:30. It was time to get up and ready for school. So, I jumped out of bed and figured out that I had art today! I’m going to draw the amazing dream I had last night.

I got all ready for school and went downstairs. I found my mom sleepily rocking Tommy, who was trying really hard to escape. I wondered why my mom was still in her pajamas.

She smiled at me as she said, “Sweetie, you know today is Saturday.”

I chuckled “Oops! Oh well, I can still draw my dream.”

“Your dream?” My mom questioned.  I explained all about my dream with Pappy.

“Aww, sweetie,” my mom wiped her eyes, “You made me cry. Yes, your grandpa was a wonderful man.”

“I know Mom, that is how I want to remember him.”

“You are a wonderful daughter Rebecca!”

“Thanks Mom!”

“Now go draw your picture. I want to see how it turns out.”

“See you later mom!”

As I went upstairs, my mom and I glanced at each other. We were both smiling. And I know that we were both thinking about my wonderful Pappy.

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  1. Hannah B. /

    Awesome Story!!!!! I love it!! They are great Authors!Good Job