Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Kirstyn Geyer, age 12, Ohio


Once upon a time in a place called Treeville, there lived a little white mouse whose name was Timothy. Timothy was only six years old, and he lived in a really tall oak tree. There were lots of oak trees and animals in Treeville, but Timothy was different from everyone else. He was the youngest mouse, and his parents lived far away from him, so he had to live all by himself. It wasn’t that hard for Timothy to be by himself because he had lots of friends. His very best friend was someone named Sammy, and he was a squirrel. Sammy has been Timothy’s friend for a long time because Sammy did not fit in with all the other squirrels because he had orange fur. His fur was orange because when he was younger, he ate too many oranges. They did everything together, like going for walks and playing games outside.

Since Timothy’s parents were far away, it was hard for him sometimes. He couldn’t do things like normal families did, but he was as happy as he could be with Sammy. Sammy’s family took care of Timothy when he needed it, but he was by himself most of the time. School was about to start, and Timothy was scared for first grade. There was a hawk in his class, and his name was Peter. Peter was only one year older than Timothy, but he was the oldest in his class. Peter was mean to Timothy because he was a mouse and only six years old. Sammy and Timothy only saw each other at lunch, but Timothy never told Sammy that Peter was being mean to him. He didn’t tell Sammy because he thought one day Peter would realize how mean he was being and would see how sad it made him, so he would stop. But Peter would not stop even when he saw how sad he was getting. Peter would tease Timothy because he was six and also because his parents lived far away. One day Timothy had finally had enough, so he decided he was going to tell Sammy.

Sammy was so angry when he heard how Peter was treating Timothy because it isn’t his fault he is a mouse and that he is only six years old. So, Sammy decided he was going to say something to Peter the next time he started teasing Timothy. The only problem was that Sammy never saw Peter and Timothy during the day. The teasing kept going on for a few more days, and Sammy had enough of it, too. Timothy would tell Sammy it was getting worse each day, and he couldn’t stand to see him so sad. At lunch the next day, Timothy and Sammy got their lunches and dumped it on Peter’s head. Peter was so embarrassed that all of his friends saw that happen, so he didn’t come to school for the next three days. Timothy felt really bad because he was now being the bully and teasing Peter. When Peter came back to school, he didn’t talk to Timothy or Sammy. After they all went home that night, they all thought about how they acted the past couple of days. Timothy thought that he shouldn’t be mean to others even if they are mean to him. He should be the bigger person all of the time. Sammy was thinking about how he didn’t even know Peter, but he was still mean to him. He shouldn’t have dumped his lunch all over him just because he was teasing his friend. Peter was thinking about how he acted a lot that night. He realized that Timothy couldn’t help the fact that he was a young mouse. Peter felt super bad and he decided that when he went to school the next day, he would tell Timothy sorry for teasing him over something he cannot help.

Well, the next day came around, and at lunch, when they were all in the lunch room, Peter came over to where Sammy and Timothy were sitting. He told Timothy he thought a lot about how he has been and that he is very sorry for the way he treated him. Timothy said that it was all right, and he apologized also for dumping his lunch on him. Sammy said sorry, too, because he didn’t want Peter to tell his friends that he was a bad squirrel. Sammy just wanted to have more friends. So, from that day on Sammy the squirrel, Timothy the white mouse, and Peter the hawk were the best of friends. They all three would go on walks together and play games. It made Timothy forget that he was all by himself because with his two friends he was no longer alone.