Amazing Kids! Magazine

True Beauty

By Maddie Summers, Age 13, Kansas


Once upon a time, there lived a community of fairies. Each one was different and special in his or her own way. The fairies were beautiful and talented and each had their own specialty none like the others. In this community of fairies, there lived one fairy, who was completely different from the rest. This fairy’s name was Madeline. Madeline had long luscious curls with bronze skin, and chocolate fudge eyes. Maddie was known to be the most stunning fairy of them all. However, Maddie despised her charming good looks. She wanted people to see her for the truth.

Maddie wanted to let everyone see who she really was, so she devised a plan. She traveled all the way across the Evergreen forest, past Leafy lane, and beyond Switterfly Lake to meet the wicked witch, Miss Jussicer. The witch had knotted purple hair and the face of a spider, but Maddie ignored the outer appearance and saw only the Miss Jussicer’s inner self. Maddie asked Miss Jussicer, the underwater witch to grant her one wish, which was for Maddie to be hideous for three days. She wanted to see how the town would react, and to discover if they would treat her the same. Miss Jussicer would only grant Maddie the wish, on one condition, that after the three days were up, Maddie would appear to be her true self, not the bronze fudged eyes girl she once was. Maddie agreed to this condition.

When Maddie traveled back to fairy territory, she had the face of an old woman, with merely two teeth and a wart so large it made size 11 shoes look small! She walked throughout the town as she did before. This time instead of smiles and waves, she was teased and ridiculed. The other fairies threw things at her, and attempted to shoo her from the town. One fairy, though, treated her the same; she smiled and saw more than looks. This fairy’s name was Lauren, and she befriended this old hag, just like she would have befriended Maddie.

When the three days were up, Maddie began to transform into her new self, what she truly was. The town was in awe to see that this “wretched hag” was now beautiful, even more stunning than before! Her curly hair was down her back, with her fudge eyes now caramel and sweet like butterscotch. Her smile could stop trains with her pearly whites. Maddie’s inner beauty was more wonderful than her original appearance. Maddie was right all along; we should not judge off of what we see, but what we learn.