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Tucker, Come Back!

By Cristal Molina, Age 12, California


The Johnsons lived in a calm and quiet neighborhood. No sirens. No helicopters flying over you. No trains. The trees were bare and full of vanilla white snow that looked like cookies in cream. It was just a few weeks until Christmas, and Megan Johnson was an icicle. As the temperature dropped another five degrees, she could hear her crackling fireplace. Luckily, Tucker, her Terrier dog, was there to snuggle beside her. She felt cozy by his side.

Megan was happy. She needed only one thing to turn her frown upside down. It was Tucker, her soft, loveable pooch. His crispy brown hair glistened with the morning sun. The clouds finally let the sunshine again. Megan and Tucker were peanut butter and jelly, always together. He would play with her when she was bored, cheer her up when she was sad, and listened to her explain her problems. Most of all, he was there to love her. Tucker was all she needed.

Megan woke up one Sunday morning. “Come on Tucker let’s eat!” They walked downstairs and smelled the crunchy, juicy bacon being sizzled on the greasy frying pan. Megan sat down on the brown kitchen table and helped herself to some eggs, bacon, and pancakes. “How’s my bike mom?” Megan asked. She wanted the XRiderz for Christmas. It was a bright purple and had a hook so you could attach a leash for Tucker when she exercised with him, and it had a basket for her backpack. Plus, it came with a bike lock, so no one could rob it. She was dying to get her hands on it.

“Come on Tucker, there’s enough snow for us to play with!” They went outside and frolicked along the white, creamy snow. There were trees covered with icy cold snow, thousands of snowmen, and round snowballs everywhere. They got dressed in their winter clothing. A medium sized coat for Megan and an extra-extra-extra small jacket for Tucker. Outside, they had a blast! Together they made a snowman, had a snowball fight, and made snow angels. Sadly, it was time to go. Their fun was over. They got to their house, undressed, and went to bed.

Beep! Beep! Megan’s alarm clock went off.

She unhappily put her favorite green sweater on. When she came downstairs, she saw Tucker delightfully eating a piece of brown bacon. She ate her delicious food and left. However, Tucker was left all alone. What to do? What to do? He looked out the window and saw a group of kids on the street. “Megan!” Tucker thought.

He quickly crawled out the doggie door, and ran outside. The snow was deep, but not too deep for Tucker. At that point, his I.D. tag had fallen off. Tucker came up to them, but they were just five-year old boys. Then, he saw a girl with the same green sweater as Megan. Tucker approached her. He was ecstatic.  When Tucker finally reached her, he realized it was someone else. She patted him while he scooted away. Tucker trotted along the sidewalk in search for his home. He entered the doggie door when Smack! The door hit his head. Tucker tried once more. Smack! Smack! He tried several times, and just decided to use the back door. Tucker was walking over there when two giant arms scooped him up like ice cream and took him away.

He was put inside a dark, damp car with other animals. He saw dogs and cats. Where am I? The man who had scooped him up put him in a cage. Tucker barked, clawed, and bit the cage. It was no use. The engine had started. Where is this taking me?

On the other side, Megan came home from school. “Tucker!” she shouted. He was nowhere to be found.

“Mom, where’s Tucker?”

“I thought he was in your room?” she replied.

“No, and I looked everywhere!” Megan said desperately.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll turn up,” said her mom.

Megan waited impatiently. He didn’t come for lunch, dinner, or bedtime. Where could he be?

Meanwhile, Tucker was trying to get out of the cage. He finally gave up when the car stopped. The sign said “Local Animal Shelter, Finding Good Homes Since 1948.” The man grabbed Tucker and took him inside the mysterious building. He saw many animals. The man stopped. Tucker was put in another cage. Where’s Megan? he thought. He whined that whole night. The next morning, he just sat there looking glumly. A little boy and girl spotted him. They took him out of his cage and petted him.

“Do you want him?” a lady asked.

“Yes mommy!” they chirped.

Back at the ranch, Megan was in the dumps. She was blue all over. Tucker was gone. She wanted him more than ever! Megan looked through her scrapbook and looked at all of her memories with Tucker. She wished she could pet him and feel the fluffy fur on his body one more time. A teardrop landed on one of the pictures. “Where are you?” she whispered. She needed him more than the XRiderz. He needed to appear soon.

Tucker, again, was being transported to another strange area. He was being squished by the two obnoxious kids, Brittney and Omar. They were troublemakers alright.

“Let’s name him Fluffy!” Brittney called out.

“NO! I want Omar Jr.” Omar shouted.

“Fluffy! Omar! Fluffy! Omar! Fluffy! Omar!” they screamed.

“Stop it you two or you won’t have anything to name” Mrs. May said. Mrs. May was their unlucky mom. She thought of Tucker as their toy, not their pet. Tucker knew he needed to leave.

Only three days left until Christmas, and still no sign of Tucker for the Johnsons. “He will soon turn up Megan.” Mrs. Johnson said. “I just finished putting up the lost dog flyers.” Megan wasn’t convinced. “Good night” she said.

It was day two of Tucker being in the May household. Their house was a disaster. There were dirty dishes, moldy food, and stinky diapers because Brittney wasn’t potty trained. Poor Tucker was being chased by the little ones. I have to get out! he thought. “Mommy, let’s take him to the park said Omar and they did. It was the local park where Megan would take him. Tucker decided he needed to end things right.

Megan was walking to her friend’s house. Her friend, Taylor, came out and said she was going out.

“I’ll just stop by another time” Megan said.

“No, don’t be silly. I was going to the store near the park,” Taylor said. They walked to the store, and chatted too.

Meanwhile, Tucker put his plan into action. He was about to run off when his “owners” put a leash on him. His dreams were crushed. He lost all hope when he saw a flyer with his picture on it. He barked, but his so called owners paid absolutely no attention to him. He kept on barking until Brittney pulled his leash away from the flyer.

“Taylor! Did you hear that? The bark sounds like Tucker!” Megan said.

“How! Where!” Taylor replied in shock. They bolted toward the barking.

“Tucker! Tucker!” they yelled. Taylor spotted his coffee brown tail.

“There!” she yelled.

Megan touched his tail, and he turned to face her. She hugged him, and he licked her face. They were finally together!

“Um, what are you doing?” said Brittney and Omar.

“What are you talking about, that’s her dog, Tucker,” answered Taylor.

“Tucker? Mommy found him from the shelter! Right mommy!” said Omar.

“That’s right honey,” said Mrs. May.

“We got him from the shelter” repeated Brittney.

“Didn’t you see the lost dog sign!” said Taylor as she pointed to one.

“That’s Megan’s, right Meg!” she added. Megan was too busy hugging Tucker.

“Fine, how about this, we see who he wants to be with by watching him run to whoever he wants as his owner. No bribing,” said Mrs. May.

“It’s on!” answered Megan.

It was all up to Tucker. Would he choose his exercise buddy, or two big, bad brats? Who? His choice was obvious, so I don’t need to tell you.

Megan was more than happy. She found Tucker just before Christmas. It didn’t matter if she got the XRiderz. She had what she needed, Tucker.

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