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Valentine Sprinkles

By Morgan Parr, age 9, Wisconsin


Chapter 1: The Perfect Valentine for my Teacher

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, is the best!  She helps me with my math, reading and preparing for each test. Soon, Valentine’s Day will be here. That is a time to tell your friends, teachers, and family how much they mean to you by sending them cards of well wishes and good cheer. I wanted to make my teacher a pop-up card with glitter (my favorite craft item) but there was no glitter to be found at school.  It would be bright, beautiful, and oh so cool!

My teacher is special in so many ways.  She teaches math, science, reading, spelling, social studies and transitions between subjects with brain breaks, readers’ theater, and I love class plays! The card needed something with a little spritz, glam, and something that would be just the “right fitter,” it needed some glitter!

 Chapter 2: No Art Supplies to be Found

Next, I asked my Principal for some glitter who said, “Why don’t you ask your teacher?”

I responded, “Because it’s a surprise and I don’t want the secret to reach her!” What was I to do?  This is such a Valentine dilemma! Would I need to go to and ask my sister, Emma?  Reluctantly, I walked to the kindergarten classroom dodging: small boots, crayons, scissors, nap time mats, blocks, and spilled snacks too gross to mention.

Quietly, I asked Mrs. Geiser, “Can I ask you a simple question?”

“Absolutely,” replied Mrs. Geiser without hesitation.

“Do you have any glitter that I could borrow for a class project presentation?”

Mrs. Meister explained, “I just ran out, so please check at home.”

“Thank you,” I said. And back to class, through the hallways, in deep thought walking, I began to roam.

Chapter 3: Using Items from Home

I got home that day with such disgust. It didn’t help that I had to sit next to a crabby kid with too much homework on the bus.

As, I arrived at home, I began to think where would I find some glitter? I looked high and low and had no luck!

I checked my sister’s toys and avoided her: balls, dolls, and toy truck. I decided to have a favorite snack: fruit with a side of pickles. Then it came to me: I could use sprinkles! I dashed to the pantry and found the colors: red, pink, and blue.  It dawned on me on what I had to do! First, I made a pop-up message that read, “Thank you to a fantastic teacher who makes time for your students and is: kind, smart, and dedicated to our studies! I also love working with our younger buddies!”

Next, I drew picture of my teacher with a little shade of blue.

Finally, I used my colorful sprinkles and spelled out with sprinkles and glue, “Thank you for all that you do!”

Chapter 4: My Teacher’s Message

In our next Friday Folder, that contained: corrected homework, field trip forms, my math and reading log, was a note Mrs. Smith left for me.

It read, “Dear Morgan, thank you for the homemade Valentine. I heard from another teacher that you asked the Principal, Kindergarten teacher, and checked our classroom for some glitter. You went above and beyond to make a card that made my heart twitter. The sprinkles reminded me of how sweet you are. Remember that you can accomplish anything and always stay positive, and treat others with the same kindness you have shown me – the greatest gift by far!”

My teacher liked my card idea and we made cards for a local nursing home nearby using sprinkles that said, “Never give up and keep a positive attitude today. You’re sweet and remember every day is special just like you! Please have a very Happy Valentine’s Day, too!” Our adult room helper, made some homemade cupcakes for the nursing home residents. Mrs. Klein used sprinkles and a resident loved them, named Drew!

Chapter 5: Sprinkles of Love and Kindness

It was then I realized my teachers’ message to show love and be kind.  We learned to use our talents in the greater community to help the elderly who may not have family or receive a special Valentine.  If we all share sprinkles of love, the world will be: kinder, safer, and better for everyone’s futures to come.  All you need is a sprinkle of love!