Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Cristal Molina, Age 12, California


It was a beautiful day in May. The day looked like a beautiful painting that had a bucket full of bright, beautiful colors. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the grass was green, the birds were chirping, and the flowers were blooming. It was 70 degrees outside. Vanessa and I were walking to the market. Nothing could make it feel more peaceful.

Vanessa was a ray of sunshine. She was always optimistic, intelligent in every subject, humble, and had patience for everything. Best of all, you could always trust her. Vanessa would give you her 100% effort. She had the greatest personality. Not to mention her beauty. Vanessa had curly, long hazelnut brown hair. She was five foot three. Vanessa had brown eyes, which seemed to be saying “It’s nice to see you today!” She wore a pink checked, yoke shirt with a floral, tiered miniskirt, and cuffed, back-lace boots. Her girly clothing was always clean and wrinkle-free. Vanessa could make anyone smile. She had both inner and outer beauty- plus a great sense of style.

We were at the market getting ripe tomatoes to make sauce for our pasta. Normally, I would get a bag of Cheetos, king size Recess Cups, and a 12 oz. Dr. Pepper.

“You know that stuff is bad for you” said Vanessa.

“It’s just so good!” I hissed because I haven’t eaten one bit of chocolate in a week.

“It may hurt now, but your stomach will thank you later” replied Vanessa. I cherished these words. We paid the cashier, and left. We were riding our bikes when Vanessa’s went over a mysterious object, lost her balance and fell. I helped her up, and saw a suitcase on the street. We picked it up. I had to convince Vanessa into opening it because she said snooping around other people’s things is wrong. We opened it up and found $500,000!!! I wanted to scream but we were out in public.

“Let’s go to the mall! San Francisco! Disneyland! Great America! Six Flags! Universal Studios! Disneyworld! Los Angeles!” I said. Vanessa just shook her head.

“Let’s use it!” I said.

“No! Let’s turn it in” Vanessa retorted.

“Are you crazy! Gimme it!” I yelled. In an instant she got her bike, got the suitcase, and left. I chased her with my bike. Vanessa went as fast as a cheetah. I thought she was a good girl. Then I realized she went to the police department.

“I’m doing the right thing” Vanessa said.

“Fine” I answered.

The police station felt like an oven. There were no air conditioners or fans. Wrappers were on the floor, and all you could see were cops. Cops surrounded the place. You could hear the cops having their conversations instead of working, yet the place felt busy. The ground was covered with dirt. It looked like no one has mopped that floor for years. We told a police about what we found.

The policeman, Harold, had a clean uniform on. His smile was so big, that no one could turn him down. Harold looked like he was ready for whatever was about to hit him that day. His voice was deep, he had sleek brown hair, and was 33 years old. Harold’s eyes were brown and it looked as if he were saying, “How can I help you?” What a police he was.

We explained to him about the case and the money. Harold told us that if it wasn’t claimed in 6 months, it was ours. I was thrilled to hear the news. Vanessa looked depressed. I could already hear all the sad things she was thinking about. Just to make Vanessa happy, Harold said that he would call her when the person found their lost suitcase. He thanked us for turning in the money, and we left.

“Doesn’t it feel good to do the right thing?” Vanessa asked.

“Yeah! When YOU say it!” I snapped. I was in no good mood.

“Let’s help that poor person even more!” Vanessa said.

“Vanessa, we’ve already helped enough by taking it to the police station. What more can we do?” I asked hoping she didn’t respond.

“We can um… Ooh!! We can post flyers around town. Maybe then they will find their suitcase!” Vanessa responded excitedly.

We went to her house. Her house was just like her. Positive, bright, and always had good things come out of it. In the inside, the walls were sunshine yellow. The floors were so clean and sparkly you could see your face in it. You could even hear the squeaky sound of your shoes. Everything in the house was clean. There were pictures hung everywhere and of everything, Science Fairs, dances, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and baby pictures. Vanessa also hung many awards. More than half of them I didn’t even know about. Her house smelled like flowers everywhere. Her house was anyone’s dream house. Her house felt like it was full of joy.

After we finished our pasta, we got to work on the flyers. We uploaded a picture of the suitcase and put the location of where we found it. We didn’t want to put what was in it because Vanessa didn’t want to admit that she was “Snooping,” and someone might lie and say it was theirs. We put them up around town, and finally got some rest.

The next day, we got a call from Harold. He said that the right owner found the flyer at the market and claimed it. Harold also said that the owner, Harry, wanted to thank us.

We came back to that filthy police station. Harry was there. He wore a black hat and a brown coat with black pants. His hair was black and had shiny shoes. Harry was 29 years old. He looked skinny and had brown eyes. His eyes seemed to be saying, “How can I ever thank you?”

“Thank you, it really meant a lot to me.” said Harry.

“The pleasure is all ours,” replied Vanessa. “I’m just glad you found it.”

“I am so grateful, that I am giving you half of my money.” Harry said willingly.

“Oh no we couldn’t” retorted Vanessa. I tapped Vanessa on her shoulder telling her to take it.

“Here” he said.

We took the money happily- at least I was happy, and left.

“Let’s go spend it! Or go on a road trip! Vegas Baby!!!” I said.

“Or…” said Vanessa.

“Or what?” I asked.

“We could use it for a good cause” she suggested.

“What cause” I asked once more.

“Charity” Vanessa answered smiling. “All of the money”

“All?” I asked

“All!” she said. “Sometimes you have to think of others instead of yourself. Put others ahead of you.”

“One condition” I said. “We use the money for wildlife and nature.”

“A good reputation is more valuable than money” was all she responded. Vanessa smiled all the way as we walked home.