Amazing Kids! Magazine

What … Why?

By Jake Damico, age 14, California


My parents were looking down at me like I destroyed a house, and committed the biggest crime. I was sitting on my bed with blue stripes. My mom was wearing her grey sneakers, black pants, and a shirt that has a picture of me saying number one child. I don’t think she was thinking of that just then. My dad was standing right next to her, and was wearing blue high tops, white shorts, and a white tank top. They were talking when I started to space out, and noticed things that I had not noticed before –

– like the Buzz Lightyear doll on top of my blue space desk. His helmet was off, and he was wearing his green, white, and purple outfit. One of his arms was pointing at me; it was his laser arm. Even Buzz wasn’t on my side. He looked mad at me. If he were real, he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the laser at me. I looked at my trophies. All covered in gold, my basketball trophies filled my room with light. When I looked at these trophies, I felt like a champion and nothing could stop me. Today, I felt like a loser who couldn’t do anything. I know I shouldn’t have done it, I thought to myself. I don’t know why they are making a big deal about it. Looking back at my parents, I notice they were still talking. I nodded my head while the words they were saying came through one ear and out the other.  I know they love me, but they shouldn’t get so mad. I looked around my room again. I saw a letter from my brother that just went to college. This was looking at me in a different way than the trophies and Buzz were. It really liked me, like my brother did. I missed him, maybe I should ask mom and dad to invite… oh ya, I can’t, “I’m in trouble.” I know my brother would side with me. He always does. He wouldn’t think this was bad. He would stick with me until the end, no matter what.

I looked around my room until my mom’s eyes locked onto mine. I knew she knew that I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. Her eyebrows went down, it looked like she was more mad now.  She told my dad a secret. My face was turning red like Elmo’s fur. Steam was coming out of his ears like steam would come out of Thomas the Train’s funnel. Now, I was scared. I kept saying, “Sorry I won’t do it again.”

I looked back at them paying close attention begging for mercy, but they didn’t speak for a long ten seconds until my mom stated in an aggressive tone, “We are not mad as mad that you spilled your rainbow cereal on the floor, we are mad that you just left it and didn’t tell us about it. Now we are really mad because you didn’t listen to us. If you tell me what I just said in my previous statement, you are free to leave you room.” I didn’t answer, I didn’t have the bravery like Buzz.

“You, young man, have lost your Thomas the Train TV rights, and can’t watch the new Toy Story coming out this weekend.”

I shed a tear, then another, my tears didn’t stop, my room was starting to flood. I just wanted to see the movie this weekend, that’s all I ever wanted. I looked at them and loudly hissed like a snake, “You can’t do that. I.. hate… you guys!”

My parents didn’t feel bad about my tantrum, they knew I wanted to see this movie so bad. They knew Buzz was my favorite. They knew I wanted to dress up and bring all my Toy Story dolls like Woody and Buzz. They knew.

I knew once I screamed at them that I was going to lose more toys and privileges. I looked at them while I wiped a tear of mine, and hopefully made them feel bad. They knew what I was doing, they didn’t care.

“We are also taking away your Buzz doll,” my dad and mom said showing no emotions.

I didn’t answer or show a reaction. I didn’t care that they were taking that horrible toy away, because he doesn’t like me anymore. My parents left, took Buzz, and slammed the door.

I tried running to the door and hugging my parents, but the door shut right in my face. I wanted to go out of my room and tell my parents I’m sorry and that I love them. I don’t want to leave them, I want to be with them forever and ever, I want to travel the galaxy with them and Buzz. Oh No! What if they don’t come to my kindergarten graduation? I started banging on the door.